April 12, 2012

MMMmmmmm Good!

I like balanced days. 

I swam, went to work, picked up the laundry, bought simple foods for the next two days of dinners…..imagine 23 dollars for two days of dinners, and went to work.  It was a very satisfactory day.

Our store up the coast, no names published to save the guilty, no longer sells books.  I came in to our store yesterday to find shelves bare and all the books a mess with giant gaps of bareness on the shelves.  In the back room, some kind family donated an entire library.  All the cookbooks they didn’t want to keep, all the digital photography and all the two other categories (that I can’t seem to remember pre-coffee this morning) are now on our shelves.

Joan came in and was knocked over by the tremendous number of books just waiting to be priced.  Yes she did get some books priced, but the biggest thing she did was to clear the mountain of books off the floor.  I priced and hauled and shelved too, and in the end we were a team that worked.  All the books were put out of the way.

It was a wonderful, well balanced day.  Baked squash, Bonnie D’s salad with no fat cheese, and veggies on the side.  I didn’t attempt a Nutella pizza as granddaughter Stassa did, but I ended my day with a giant size spoonful of that addictive chocolate product. 

It made a balanced day better.  MMMmmmmmmmm Good.


  1. I was craving chocolate last night. None in the house. Oh what to do. David offered me part of his chocolate bar, but I wanted Godiva. I can't eat just anything. Am I spoiled? Dianne

  2. Wow, you did accomplish a lot. I don't think there's many things I hate worse than shelving books. You don't appear to mind that job. Bless you.

  3. You must have been in book heaven with all those cookbooks. I'll wait to hear more about any new discoveries!

  4. The photo of the rose is gorgeous! Nutella is one hell of a product isn't it? I can eat it right out of the jar!!!


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