April 2, 2012

Out of Focus Office

His new office.
The safest thing for me to do was retreat to the bedroom with a good book.

He struggled most of the day with cords and plugs and links and the printer. You know how that goes. It’s really good to have the printer between both of us as both of us use it. The scanner can easily be brought out and plugged in on a small table. Very easy to use. I’m shrunken in to the small third away from the windows, and it’s going to be a good lesson in staying on top of my mess.

For I’m a slob. Right now I only have a hair clip, a tooth brush, a sticker for Emily’s list, and a pile of things to be filed laying about my desk. I’m going to need to stay on top of all these small things that grow to cacophony so easily or I will be swampt.

It’s going to be a short week for us. We are going to a convention this next weekend. It’s the one with all the wonderful roses that I shoot. Today I need to bring up the suitcases to air. I need to grocery shop for the short week, and I need to do laundry after I talk with Bee. It’s my turn to call her. After I swim.


  1. The office looks great! And huzzah for a short week!

  2. Yes it does look great. I would not like to show you my office just now. I blame it all on a creative mind and then I come here and it sounds more like an excuse. No one I know is more creative than you. You can fix up my house when you want to.

  3. Looks good! Have fun at the convention.

  4. Goodness, I hope you don't collapse from your busy week. I enjoyed the rose shots last year. Mine are beginning to bloom here too. Dianne

  5. Say, the office is coming along. Looks good. I can see G is enjoying it.

  6. The office looks fabulous! Mine needs a new coat of paint - and lots of cord organization and filing. We talk about how great it would be to share one, but not today! Have a great convention trip. Looking forward to the pictures!

  7. The office space for G. looks great. Here in the RV, we keep our desk fairly cleared off...When I get back to Indiana, I need to clean out a lot of STUFF....

  8. The office looks great! Today, I have been working on clearing up some of my rubble. I insist on keeping everything....every receipt and scrap of paper. I'm so afraid I'll forget something! And I've gotten real good at that the last couple of years. I like to blame my surgeries, because.....well, because it sounds good! LOL Good luck keeping your spot tidy :)

  9. My scanner became redundant with my new computer. I should think about replacig it. At least its gone to a good cause.
    Hope the Convention is fun.


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