April 21, 2012


Outside, fog creeps up to the doorstep. Inside, the Great Geezer strings wires, pulls plastic, and bolts in new video cards before installing his new work computer. The new Ethernet wiring is out and the Ethernet 5 port switch is plugged in.

“What’s that?” I as distracting him from his assorted wires.

“Oh, that just expands the number of items we can have on line.”

I actually understand this now. The office has six computers, and two of them are mine. Some small part of my brain understands some of this now.

There was a news item on the television this morning about what older folks use and younger folks don’t use. Email is out: kids text. Notebooks and laptops are in and desktops are out. Gee, they never visited our house did they.

I know he will have it all done but the KVM switch…that allows one keyboard for three monitors. While he finishes up, I’m off to the showers and down to fix bags of stuff for Lessa. New summer short pants, a bear, magazines she doesn’t have time to read….that sort of thing. By the time I have my address off the magazines, it will be time to go get her at the Old Town Train Depot. The sun will come out by the time we get to the park…today.


  1. We have a desk top and a lap top, but prefer to use the desk top. Why don't more people feel that way? Lol.

  2. You didn't mention blogging, which apparently too is "out" in favor of facebooking and twittering! (I still don't like facebook but I tolerate it once a week or so and use it only to network my blogs. The upside of the younguns changing their style in order to stay cool is that it's less expensive to buy those PCs I still like best. We only have one each plus an old laptop, and that's good enough for me. I would have problems going back to the 1990s when we had dialup connections slow as Christmas though. By the way, how do you get those black backgrounds that showcase your roses so well?

  3. FB is still undergoing lots of growing pains, I think. Both at my personal interactions and on the bigger scale with people being hijacked and their lives destroyed...either permanently or temporarily. I hope it gets worked out in ten years when my grandchildren will go online. Perhaps there will be something entirely different by then!

  4. I can't keep up with all the technology. I am sure there are wonderful features on my cell phone and many more things I could do with my desktop computer but I don't care. LOL.

  5. Sounds like you're in for a good day and I hope your time with Lessa is special.

  6. I take it back. THIS is absolutely my favorite rose. And they say old people aren't wired. How wrong can they be? Dianne

  7. I called my provider and told them to take the texting off my phone, because I'll never use it. Now no one texts me except...the phone company!

    I still like my desktop PC because it's better for typing, which is what I do best. Between "A Place of My Own" and emails, I want to type.

    As far as I'm concerned, FB is too full of stuff I don't want to read. The other side of it is that it keeps many good writers from what used to be terrific journals. And people forget how to write and spell.

  8. Oh to have a techy husband. Mustn't grumble:)


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