April 27, 2012

A rose for Leontien

I'm late with this, but this rose is now part of the flowers for Leontien gathering.  If you are interesting in sharing a flower with a woman with cancer fighting for her life, stop in at A Rural Journal and learn more.

I got a better handle on the communication poem yesterday, but it’s still just lying there. 

His family didn’t communicate, they shopped.  My family didn’t communicate, they golfed and talked golf while drinking.  I’ve been trying to describe this dysfunction in a poem that cuts through the terminology to the fears but am struggling.  I dented the short story also. Progress. 

The Toyota is back from the shop so I can go to class now instead of doing aerobics all by myself in one lane.  G hadn’t been doing a whole hour, and he found himself waiting for me out in the cold and rain by the locker room door. 

Movingly, I ran into one of the old beach volleyball players, Coach, in Tar-Jay yesterday.  I almost ran into his electric scooter with mine.  Though I’m overweight, he is vastly overweight.  Poor guy….and he still talks endlessly of all his ills even as his weight, diabetes, and COPD are killing him.  I can see myself mirrored in his diseases.  Our readoption of WW helps my thinking.  We did really well with this today.


  1. Okay, I take it all back. This rose is my favorite. I love the lemon yellow.

    I have resisted teh scooter but may cave in when we go museum looking in October. Dianne

  2. Like I said.....reads like poetry.

  3. Here, here for WW, even when I wasn't losing weight my diet improved, that extra structure helps a lot.

  4. It can be so difficult to get a handle on weight (not literally.. that's easy... I've got handles all over my hips.) ;) Good for you for working a it. Your flowers are just amazing.. you capture the most beautiful images.

  5. I think about dieting all the time, except when I'm thinking about food. My cardiologist keeps yelling "diet and exercise." I use anything as an excuse to ignore the whole thing. I'm glad you are doing well.I really do understand.

  6. I am going back to exercise on the elliptical on Sunday. I am too busy today and busy all day tomorrow, but I refuse to rust out. For some reason, I kept thinking of T.S. Eliot's line "In the room the women come and go
    Talking of Michelangelo" when you wrote about communication. It is all drivel with some folks because they are too busy listening to the stuff in side their heads.

  7. But it must make you feel good to know that you've begun to do something about the weight. While I resisted the whole thesis of exercise and diet being the only answer, I'm more or less resigned by now to the fact that I feel better all around that when I kept protesting! Do you think your progress made any impact at all on your friend on the other scooter? (I especially enjoyed Hilary's quip.)

  8. never too late! THANK YOU for adding to leontien's bouquet!

  9. O yes….Leontien need this !!!..love for all the blog girls who give her flowers today !!…glad you did this….love Ria…xxx…

  10. A lovely yellow rose.

    Thank you for sharing at Flowers for Leontien. xoxo


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