April 30, 2012

With Camera

I try to travel everywhere now with my camera.  As a result, I take acres of photos that even Photoshop cannot improve.  Above is Mission Bay with Mt. Soledad behind it.  A bland nothing photo with not enough light and the wrong angle.

In this case, we went from jamming food into our faces when the sun was still high enough for good pictures, to moving inside for a meeting.  After the meeting, the sun was going down, the colors were dull, and the photos lack the snap I like.

Here you cannot see the bay clearly, and the Point appears a hill of buildings in back.  We were on our way to that lump of land you can see through the trees…..

…when we ran across this.  Amid the frozen photographic moments, we found an accident.  The man couldn’t walk, his bike was a twisted mess, and the woman who hit him seemed to be deposing of things from her SUV.  He didn’t want 911 called, but all he could do was roll in the grass.  No one had called 911. 

We called 911.  We also waited until first the lifeguard unit arrived, then two fire department rigs arrived along with a couple of cop cars.  We weren’t needed so we left.  We will never know what happened.


  1. You did the right thing! I am so proud of you!

  2. Good for you for taking action! I hope everybody was OK.

  3. Forgot to tell you that your "nothing" photographs are ones that I would have been proud of.

  4. The 'nothing' photograph is gorgeous. I was sitting here noticing how you have the vertical from the upper left to lower right and thought "she is so artistic." Are you telling me I am wrong?

    As for the incident with the bike. The cops are looking for you, they want the photo. Dianne

  5. What do you suppose that woman was trying to hide? Hummmmmm. Good thing you came along when you did.


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