May 2, 2012

Anne and Andy

Raggedy Anne and Andy.

Perhaps I’m not any too sure of myself at the store today because the weather changed.  Why’s that you ask?  Arthritis, Bursitis, and old age wave their flags at me when the weather takes a change.  I try not to complain, but this change my right arm was frozen in time.  No lifting, and little typing for me.

The kind man, Bob, who does the pricing two days a week has delegated this job to me while he’s gone for a month.  I can price the books comfortably.  I can sort all the things that come in to the back room comfortably, but pricing the good things like Anne and Andy give me pause.

I price most things one to three dollars higher than Bob does.  These dolls are priced at seven bucks each…I probably would have put them more in the 10 buck each range.   Then again, seven is a fair price for these extra large dolls on eBay.  I was a bit amazed that an Anne and Andy lunch box…with thermos, is going for forty five dollars.  But what do I know. 

I do know these are a good doll for small girls.  By the time they reach seven years old, they are past Barbie into horses now-days.  Maybe I’m a small girl.  G said Lessa didn’t need them for her girl.  Darn.  I liked them.

Lessa to the Left with Anne, and Lenore to the right with Andy.  I like the lampshade I have on that lamp better than the one mother chose too.


  1. I still have my Raggedy Ann hiding in my closet. The grandgirls would like to play with her but her fabric is getting fragile. She must be over 65 and nothing lasts forever

  2. Those are especially nice examples of Raggedy Ann and Andy Ware. (He was not originally called Raggedy Andy, and I don't know who started that.)

    Somewhere around ten -- give or take a couple of years -- girls realize that no doll is as much fun as a baby or animal that really breathes and reacts.

    I would prefer a horse or a dog.

  3. I never had these dolls, and I know that screwed me up big time.

  4. I love these dolls. My granddaughters were never very fond of dolls. What gives these days? I love all dolls, except Barbie. I had a doll collection when I was younger. Dianne

  5. Raggedy Ann and Andy - I have my regrets over those dolls. Julie asked more than once to make a pair for her. If only I had.


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