May 14, 2012

Drive By Shooting

HAL ship Amsterdam.

After slowly getting up, I came downstairs to find a stunning garnet and diamond ring on my footstool.  Wow, indeed.  What a sweetheart he is.  And he snuck this lucious anniverserary present right by me.  From here, we went to a bust of an estate sale, out to breakfast, and off for a photo drive. 

On our first stop, we found both the Amsterdam and the Stadendam making day stops on their ways to Seedys in Alaska.  The Captain of the Stadendam keeps a daily blog during the months he is onboard entitled “Captain Albert’s Blog.” It’s a fascinating read, and he covers aspects of cruising in ways that are new to many of us out there….winds, tides, confused seas, customer relations. 

We wandered the bay edge snapping this and that until National City.  This spot once had grandiose hopes that it would be the terminus of a cross country rail line.  They had a charming downtown, and they still have some of the best Victorian homes in the city.  Bypassed, National City went downhill.  In a moment of severe aberration, they obliterated their downtown in a gesture of revitalization leaving only two really ugly high rises, slums, and empty lots. 

Inland, two city cemeteries offered flowers on many graves.  Families were everywhere.  In the older areas, grave stones tipped and part of one had fallen on the verge.  Sparse grass told of water shortages these last few years.  Closed gates told of efforts to stop vandalism.  Gee, won’t the kids just climb over the fence. 

I’ll play around with those shots later today.  When the sun comes out.  When I come out to play too.


  1. Glorious images!!!! And aren't you blessed to receive such a lovely gift? And even, better someone who loves you so much!!!!

  2. So, where is the photo of your ring??? Lol.

  3. It is a shame about National City. It could have been a treasure.

  4. love the ship blog. I know its psychological but I got seasick reading it. I also can't spell.

    I talked to my son yesterday and he says he thinks you live about midway between where he works and lives. He thinks you are on a pennisula. He says he will be glad to drive me to whereever to meet up with you.

    Where's the photo of your hand in the ring?

    Happy anniversary. Dianne

  5. The ring sounds lovely and yes...I want to see a photo of it too.....

  6. Happy Anniversary!! What a thoughtful gift!

    Love the HAL ships. You were right; our cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam was wonderful!!

  7. What a great surprise you had.

    I loved the photos of the ships.


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