May 23, 2012


Fort Baker, Battery Spencer an 1886 Endicott era coastal defense construction.

Everyone is going to think I’m crazy, if they don’t already, but I’m having a lot of fun writing about forts.  Oh, yes, these coastal defenses are far more than forts.  But I am calling them forts till I get to the Nike missiles.  Why did I pick forts?  They are just architecture, many just large purpose built brick structures that have evolved from defensive use to innovative peaceful uses.

Tuesday swimming with G before dawn takes the pressure off going to school these last few weeks.  Then it’s package myself and my lunch, and I am off to the last classes.  I’ll really miss them.  I get concrete and careful editing here….folks take time to read and make suggestions.  Then it’s home to write.  Yesterday I worked most of the afternoon gathering and pasting basic info down that I can work from later. 

Dinner….we were late.  Every traffic light was red and laughing at our attempt to pick up Captain Poolie on time.  The new North Park Sipz was a huge hit.  No parking, same menu, far better décor, and a marvelous steampunk motorcycle as it’s centerpiece.  The captain is just now staging steampunk as the focus of her next show at the museum, and she was interested.  We had some comfortable conversations and laughter fit for a king or queen.  Delightful indeed.

Home to our New Summer Tuesday Movie Routine instead of a double header NCIS.    Something brought “Reds” to mind this week, and I picked it.  What fun.  It’s a well done light movie with a terrific cast.  No matter how many times you see this one, there’s always a new twist to capture your attention. 

Today I am off to Books, books, books in hopes that the boss and the head pricer will have returned leaving me to just deal with the books.  Then it’s home to forts and fun with revetments until dinner.    You can’t beat revetments before dinner.

Parked just south of the WWII Mine Wharf next to the Golden Gate Bridge, 2008.


  1. By now you have made memories of the dinner out with the Capt. I'm sure you filled her with love and laughter and she did the same for you.

    Hope this comment goes through....I was having trouble yesterday getting anything to post

  2. I had a marvelous time! You and G-Man rock my world! I hope the motorcycle comes through. It was definitely perfect.

  3. What is it about traffic lights conspiring against us especially when we're already pressed for time. (Notice I didn't say late) :)

    Dinner with friends is such a treat!

    PS I love forts, too!

  4. I envy your love and dedication of a subject and wish I could find something that would stretch me just a little.

  5. I don't think you are crazy at all. Younger people need to be reminded of WWII and the fear many felt concerning an invasion.


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