May 3, 2012


It was interesting to do three jobs yesterday at the store.

Photos for Facebook first. No dolls…they sold. Double darn. Then as Bob drove north, I started in on the pile of odds and ends needing pricing….shoes, a clock, a blue teapot, fabrics….one silk scarf was unique in its own bag. Dishes, glassware, pans. It seemed an endless progression but I got it all done.

Then books. Someone had pulled out the tallest bookcase to pull stuff out from in back of it, and it had come apart. I took out the books, and the accountant and I pulled the case out and hammered it back together. Dusted too. Only then did I shelve books. I confess that my usual dedication to displays went out the window. I was hot, tired, and sweaty. Got it done tho with more than my usual doubts about pricing.

 I came home to find the city in mourning from the suicide of Junior Seau. So many of the Charger Superbowl team he was on have died now, and Junior Seau was a special part of that team. He was a special part of the whole city because he gave back so much even in retirement. I'm not a football glued to the TV me here, but I understand the monumental stature of this man and share in the sadness of his unexpected death.


  1. We saw the news about Seau last night. Don't know who he is, but sure seems odd that a man with so much to live for has died. His Mom' grief was heart-wrenching. Dianne

  2. I was also shocked by Junior's death. I met him once when he funded a program at Junior Theatre for at-risk kids. Incredible man. How sad.

  3. So very heartbreaking to hear of Seau's death. My heart goes out to his mother. I know first hand the shock she is suffering and the horrible grief that comes from losing a child to suicide. I also am so saddened to think that some of his troubles may have come from repeated head injuries.


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