May 16, 2012

History on Walls

                             Restoration of the Tuna Canning mural is moving along.

As I sit here wondering what to write, I realize that I’ve never visited the murals in Chicano Park since their very first days. Just down the street from them is this mural to the historic tuna industry that once filled the bay front.  I’ve admired it for years.  It’s wonderful to see the restoration.

I helped in a very slight way with the murals for Chicano Park.  

There used to be just dirt under the big blue bridge to Coronado.  The Barrio got together and got the city to approve a park instead of more industrial buildings.  Instead of a park, the California Highway Patrol began grading for a station.  The community revolted.  When community members realized they could take their causes to the city council, the state backed down.  Artists in the Chicano community realized they could take the history of their community to these large blank walls that supported the bridge.

Today there is a lively and colorful  world of history that lives in the heart of Barrio Logan thanks to the various Chicano artist groups, Salvador Torres, and my friend Mario Acevedo Torrero.  Since those days, Chicano Murals have spread their wings happily in every neighborhood.


  1. I love the murals. They are so bright. There is something about Chicano art that just really appeals to me. I guess it is their wonderful expressive nature that is bigger than life.

  2. The murals look beautiful. That stupid blue sign in the upper left-hand corner of the first photo looks like crap. The city should get rid of it. Dianne

  3. Actually, that is the second photo where the sign resides above the building.

  4. Wow!!!!!! I love it!!!! It is utterly fabulous!!!!

  5. Wonderful murals. Chicano murals have been a great influence all over the country. I love the murals here in Pittsburgh, although I doubt they were done by anyone Hispanic.

  6. The mural art is beautiful and so reminiscent of the color used in Mexican tiles and pottery.


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