May 19, 2012


We are hanging on to our bad habits.

“Do you have the address,” I asked when we got up to the office.

“Why yes, I do.  Under Shopping, Estate,” he replied.  “Of course I have a category of “Shopping” in my bookmarks.”

All I could do was look at the ceiling and laugh.

I’m also laughing with sheer joy about the great news from Lessa.  This was the month she should have graduated from college, instead she has many classes left in her major to take because she failed math so many times.  The good news is that tho she did terribly in the final, it was enough to get her a “C” in the class.  C’s are passing now, and all she needed was a passing grade.  We are so proud of her and for her.


  1. Yae! What a relief! I still worry about my son and his schooling too.

  2. Your pictures always blow me away. This is a great one.

    Congratulations to Lessa.

  3. Congratulations to Lessa. Math is a challenge for many. My daughter who majored in English had problems too, but finally got past the requirements. Dianne

    PS Lime green hangers...great for your thrift shop I think.

  4. Yes Lessa, go, go, go. You can do it!

  5. I can remember those days (for mine it was high school because grades were private in college) and they were always nail biters for one of the kids. Smart as a whip, but not in school. Big congrats to your precious Lessa. Such an accomplishment in tenacity. All of you should be proud.

  6. That is great news about Lessa. I understand completely the math challenge. I wonder if I would have graduated from high school with the current requirements on algebra. When I took the test to get my teaching certificate, the old CAT, I could not pass the math part. I took it three times before I passed. Prior to taking it the last two times, I hired a math tutor. Let's just say that I have a block when it comes to math.

    Congrats to Lessa. Get it done no matter what it takes. A 'C' works.

  7. That is wonderful news! I am dancing in the street over here. We can dance more on Tuesday after dinner. Yay!

  8. I am not good at math, either, but my daughter inherited her father's ability and is now chairman of her high school math department. Go figger. Lol.


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