May 13, 2012

Madge: A History

Her name was Margaret Millicent Barnum Sirrine Gunthorp Dowd.  She was my mother, and she was forty when she had me.

Here is Madge with her mother Mary and her brother Charlie.


Age six months with Margaret Millicent Hunt Hyde.   Starting High School.

Undated college, and the Model A she drove selling encyclopedias at the start of the depression.  There were no jobs for women architectural engineers.

Post college visiting Uncle C and Aunt M.  Post divorce, walking their dog, Mr. McGregor.

1939, Second marriage to CL Gunthorp.  1948, With her daughter and mother-in-law, Maud, post colon cancer. 

1958: with her brother, father, and daughter.  1965, with her husband Gunny.  Gunny died in 1966.

1970 on a round the world cruise on the President Wilson, her favorite ship.  1972 on a Hawaiian golf cruise.

1974 with third husband Bob Dowd on board the Megabob.   Madge, now Maggie, and Bob on an Alaskan Cruise.

1982 Maggie and Bob and Lenora’s Graduation.  1984 onboard the Megabob.

Maggie not well on Thanksgiving 1985 with John and Ruby and The Geezer.  At the big house in 1986.

Margaret, Madgie, Maggie at two and a half.  She died in 1989.


  1. Loved the photos and the walk of history. She was lovely and apparently enjoyed being married too.

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  3. I love old photos and the memories they evoke!!!

  4. Nice tribute to your mother on Mother's Day. Loved the photos. She was an attractive lady, and I am glad she did not lead a lonely life. Happy Mother's Day to you, Mage.

  5. Lovely pictures. Interesting story. Where were you in all of this?

  6. OH MY GOD! You look just like her!

  7. A lovely family history. I'd like to have known her. She looks as if she lives life to the full.
    There is afamily likeness.

  8. What a treat to see your Mom's life in these old photos. She had quite a life.

  9. I also loved looking at these wonderful photos. Your mother was a very lovely lady, and she seemed to have lived an interesting life.


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