May 18, 2012

Meme for Lazy Me

Winner of the Rose Show.

I’m brainless these last few weeks.  Rather than worry about my daughter passing math, I did this meme I got from l’empress.

1.   What are three things on your wish list and why?
A house without stairs, daughter passing math, and continuing gratitude.
2.   Do you miss your childhood?
Not one minute.
3.   What do you do on your spare time on the weekends?
Spend it with G if he’s home.  Simple answer.
4.   What do you appreciate most in your life?
My sobriety.  Without it nothing else in my life would be there.  No G, no sanity, no home.  Nada.
5.   Would you rather be rich or healthy?
Healthy.  I remember wishing I had more money, any money, for many years.
6.   If you could go back in time, would you and why?
No, Going back makes for stick in the mud folks.
7.   Favorite game as a child?
I wasn’t good at games.  I did play with trucks in the dust roads, and I liked to play hop-scotch.  The rest of the time, I read.
8.   What is your dream career?
Artist.  Ya can’t beat that.
9.   What do you do in your free time?
Free?  Free?  I play solitaire on my computer, do jig saw’s here too, and read.  Free?
10.Favorite clothing stores?
Discovery shops, Amvets, JCPennays, and Macy’s.  Oh, so mundane.
11.What TV shows can't you live without?
NCIS.  I am so upset about the ending to this year’s last episode.  Did they just kill off Ducky?  Who else in the cast died?  Grrrrrr.  And NCIS LA, almost just as bad with Calan heading to  jail and Hetty retiring.  Grrrrrr….  I like Antiques Roadshow too.
12.Three things you need in your life are:
Bathroom, computer, G, meetings, books, and in any order.
13.What can’t you sleep without?
My own pillow.  So I take it when I travel.
14.Who do you have a celebrity crush on?
Nothing current.
15.What is your favorite season and why?
Spring and summer on the beach.
16.What is your favorite wild animal?
I skip wild favorites, but I support keeping them alive.
17.Name three of your favorite childhood shows
Anything on the radio in the evenings. 
18.If you could live as a character in a movie who would it be?
Not one I can answer.
19.Favorite vegetables?
Green beans perhaps in a garlic butter sauce or in a fresh tomatoe bacon sauce.  Thai broccoli too.
20.Favorite fruit?
I avoid fruits.  They make me sick.  You didn’t need to know that.
21.If you had a dragon what would you name it?
Any of the wonderful dragons from the Anne McCaffrey Pern stories.
22.What do you put on hotdogs?
Mayonnaise, onions, relish….just a little, catsup.  You are welcome.
23.Do you play online games?
Nope, and just the two on my computer I mentioned earlier.
24.Whats your favorite way to get inspired?
Workshops, talking to friends, reading, thinking….that last one gets me in trouble.
25.Do you have a middle name?
26.Favorite kids name?
27.Do you speak any other languages?
I used to be able to be vague in Spanish.
28.Do you use Twitter?
No…I don’t use it, but I skim it for the latest Comic Con info.
29.Do you play Angry Birds?
No. Our youngest G’daughter does tho.
30.Do you look at YouTube?
Yes, if one appears and catches my fancy.  Shipwrecks today.
31.Do you like Hello Kitty?
What is Hello Kitty.
32.Have you ever cried because you were so happy?
At the drop of a hat.
33.Who would you like to see in concert?
I’d really like to see Bob Seeger.
34.Can you swim well?
I fake it.  I float well, but I don’t breathe well.
35.Ever won a contest?
Yes.  LOL  Art contests.
36.Ever won a giveaway?
The Great Geezer wins those.
37.Do you get a full 8 hours of sleep every night?
Seven and a half.  Why?  So I can stay up and watch TV while reading till 10 yet have time to blog before the gym.
38.What tea do you like?
Earl Grey’s English Breakfast tea.  I confess that I like Lipton’s too.
39.What coffee do you like?
Folger’s decaf. 
40.Do you shop at Walmart?
I boycott Walmart believing they destroy small towns.
41.Do you shop at Target?
Yes, but not for women’s clothes or food.  The clothes this year are sleazy and the food does my local market out of business they need to stay open.
42.What do you order at Second Cup?
Is that a chain.  Not here.
43.Do you like homemade meals?
No.  I’ve been fixing dinner since grade school and am burned out.  Dinner out is my goal.
44.Do you like homemade bake goods?
Yup, just not mine.
45.Do you shop online?
Books not clothes.  G shops for electronics.
46.Name 3 stores online stores you would like to shop at.
Land’s End, Frye’s, and any good cooking store.
47.What holiday don't you like?
Easter.  Mother made a big deal of it including buying lilies to put on graves every year.  That’s one holiday I pass on.  Even tho I’m not Christian, I love having the sculpture of a Christmas Tree and seeing Grandkids.
48.What do you eat more when you're sick?
Usually less of but just the same.
No 49 or 50.  Thanks l’empress.


  1. Interesting meme. I was thinking about how I might answer some of those questions.
    At least I know who "Hello Kitty" is. I'm with you on holidays, boycotting Walmart's, but I drink home made espresso.

    By the way, I have been meaning to say I love your header with the orange roses. Dianne

  2. I always like to say, we're more alike than different.

  3. Gorgeous rose and I enjoyed reading your meme answers. I have always liked the name Millicent and I'd sure love to see Bob Seger too.

    This one made me laugh, though.
    12.Three things you need in your life are: Bathroom, computer, G, meetings, books, and in any order.

    I'm hoping your daughter's math skills are better than yours. ;)

  4. That was fun to read. And another perfect rose to begin my cloudy day. So many similar fancies we have and I like my hot dogs like yours--lots of chopped onions on mine please--but I do like homemade meals but like you about baking, I prefer mine cooked by (almost) anyone but me! (Crossing my finger for Lessa's math scores.)

  5. This meme was too long...but I love that you are/were vague in Spanish. I am vague in English and I am sure you have noticed after reading my blog for so many months! I did like learning much of this stuff about you.

  6. The best question was WOULD YOU RATHER BE RICH OR HEALTHY. Tough call for me. Maybe I'll turn that into a blog post. Lol.

  7. What rose is this????? It's gorgeous! Is it fragranced?

  8. Mage, you take the most incredible rose photos! I don't buy clothes at Target either EXCEPT for their Champion t-shirts...on sale.


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