May 10, 2012

Moving On Again

Alcazar Gardens, Balboa Park, 2012.

  • (More bullets.)The bad news.  The Tuesday writing workshop has been canceled for next year.  The Wednesday section of this class will be continuing, but not with me.  I will continue working at the Discovery shop on that day.  More bad news.  One member of the Thursday Poets Group has cancer and another is moving.  It’s only selfish of me to wish she and her wonderfully unique voice were staying with us.  She doesn’t do email.  Nor does she blog.  At least the cancer lady emails.  It’s a terrific loss for us, but she will be escaping an abusive, hoarder of a husband.  Freedom for her.

  • Long grey mornings now.  There never used to be May greys, but they are with us now.  May grey and June gloom leave you wondering if the sun will ever return.  We know it will, but we wait with light bulbs lit and close the windows against the tendrils of the fog.

  • Food.  My weekly conversations with Bee often turn to foodstuffs.  I lean more and more toward veggies now not only because of moral convictions and Mad Cow disease, but economic considerations.  Last week, I spent over a hundred bucks, and there wasn’t a bit of animal protein in any bag.  This week one chicken breast turned itself into four good sized fajitas.  I love those things.  Tonight soup and sandwich.  G is getting thinner tho at my urging he bought some geezer pants.  Sitting all day long at the computer in tight levis doesn’t make it.  Oh, controlling me.

  • Please Vote!  Partners in Preservation is giving away three million dollars by social media vote in New York this year.  Why they chose voting by social media, I don’t know, but I’m voting.  I’ve been voting every day for the Tug Pegasus and her barge.  Here’s what they say: 

    “Vote to help give away three million dollars in New York City! American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation are pleased to announce that Partners in Preservation is in New York City in 2012. Partners in Preservation is a community-based program which provides preservation grants for local historic places.

    Sign in.  One vote per day: Step 1 - Find your favorite place.  Step 2 - Log in.  Step 3 - Vote.  Step 4 - Repeat each day through May 21!
    Note: If you choose to create a Partners in Preservation account, you will be sent an activation email to confirm that it is a real email address. Click the link in that email to activate your account, log in and vote. You only need to do this the first time.”

    Description:  “The Tug Pegasus and Showboat Barge are amazing artifacts of New York’s maritime heritage. State of the art in 1917, the Tug Pegasus served the Port of New York for 90 years before becoming a museum, while the Showboat Barge is an example of transport prior to the container system and also demonstrates showboat entertainment. Compelling public programs aboard the tug and barge are available.”

    I’ve support watercraft of all sorts for years, but this pairing of the last of the covered barges (1914) with the Tug Pegasus (1907).  Here on Tugster’s blog, you can read more about these special boats of New York in several articles.  Join me.


  1. I will check this link. Once upon a time I sent money to the HPS every year. Smaller income now so i stick to local charities.

    David bought some new pants...hooray. I asked him if he threw the old ones away (the ones with the torn crotch). No says he. Grrr. Yes control is an issue, but someone's got to do it. The sun finally came out here, can CA be far behind?

    PS In WW now so pass that Fajita recipe along. Please.

  2. I'll vote with you as you are a good influence. Change is always with us. Go with the flow and remember you are the best friend you will ever have.

  3. Yay for Geezer pants! Glad this all working out so well!


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