May 5, 2012


The daytime Cliffs after a rain storm.  2010.

I dreamed that I took part of the Cirque cast in my two seater electric scooter off to see the cliffs.  After the show, of course, in the dark of the night.  On the way we were to stop at Jean’ house to have their fortunes read by her housekeeper.  The housekeeper wasn’t home tho Jean was…asleep, and as we walked back down the steep driveway, a cop was just bringing the housekeeper and her husband home…flat drunk, laying across the front of the squad car as if they were trophy’s.  It was so very late, I turned the scooter back toward the house, but it ran out of power.  We were able to get somewhere near the cliffs to watch a regatta in the moonlight tho. 

After I told G about my night, I asked about his.  “Tow trucks,” he said.  I was driving a big tow truck, but there were trucks that were bigger.  More and more of them.  All night.”

Tonight we are off to see the Cirque production of “Totem” under canvas.  I wonder what one wears to a classy French/Canadian circus?  Not a tow truck, I’m sure.


  1. I wish (or maybe not) I could remember my dreams!! Have fun!!!!

  2. Ah dreams, the nightly visit to another world.

  3. One wears a sweatshirt! It's cold out there! Trust me!

  4. Whatever you wear, I am sure you will be stylin'

  5. Wonder what weird dreams you will have after seeing the show?

  6. Wonderful photo. Is this place near you? Looks like it must be further up the Coast.


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