May 12, 2012

Shopathon (With gossipy edit)

This shopping photo taken at the Bazaar del Mundo.

Since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a Hallmark holiday I traditionally ignore as an alcoholic/addict mother of two children, we are going out to celebrate our 29th anniversary tonight.  Yes, we had already gone to the Cirque and out to the Bali Hai, but it appears himself wants to go out again.

Who am I to complain.

He’s taking me to my favorite thrift store this morning.  I certainly can’t complain about that. We don’t go much anymore as he has changed his interest to estate sales.  For me, it’s the best color coordinated acreage of used clothes in the business, and I’ve been agitating to go now for weeks.  Why?  Because I am wearing out all my acidy lime green shirts.  Lime green is my favorite go to color.  It’s perfect with blacks, it’s dashing with greys and browns, and it perks up my sense of humor, and it goes good with navy blue too.  My sweater is all tiny little balls, and my long sleeved T-shirt has faded into pastel. 

I’m tired of wearing a wardrobe that looks like I’m still drinking.  Since it isn’t an “in” color this year, I find I must look to the past to duplicate the pieces.  My fingers and toes are crossed, and who knows what I will find.  Photographs, perhaps.

Oh, what a shock to enter the store and find it all changed.  Mostly for the better under the command of new management. Militant management, I must add.  Books were here instead of shoes, shoes where the quilts were, and in every department small changes could be found.  I asked what happened, and a new person showed me the man in charge.  I complemented him and went back to shopping.

While I hunted for greens, G listened to one person tell a customer that 50 employees had been let go.  In the El Cajon store, the entire contents had been auctioned off the day before.  Here one of my very favorite cashiers was gone, and another was hanging clothing up.  Very sad.  On to another favorite store where the owner there commented that usually theft was involved when employees were let go like that. 

I did find a linen Eileen Fisher lime green shirt jacket, an off green pair of pants, and a dark green dress t-shirt.  I’m greened.

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  1. Lime green also goes well with blues -- but I'm sure you knew that.

  2. Good luck! Take pics of your finds!

  3. LOve the skirt/apron thingy. Is that Frida Kahlo in the print?

  4. Lime green is one of my favorite colors. I have several shirts and sweatshirts to prove it.
    Hope you found a treasure trove of clothing today.

  5. I wore lime green today too! Must have been a psychic connection with you!

  6. I'm favouring a sort of corally orange just now - lifts my spirits.

  7. I noticed recently that LIME is a hot color this fact my daughter bought me a pair of lime green sandals for my birthday on Saturday. They look fabulous. Now all I need to do is get a pedicure! What a delightful store that must be. P.S. The other color that's caught my eye this year is that glorious blueish/purple, which also pairs well with lime. "when I am old, I shall wear purple!"


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