May 22, 2012

Sleeping, Not Sleeping

2008 Road Trip:  WWII bunkers and lighthouse just north of San Francisco in the Marin Highlands.

There was a list as long as my arm just waiting for me.  I swam, stopped by the cleaners, and came home to fall asleep at the computer.  G poked me enough so I woke and did some odds and ends that included making lunch.   Then I fell asleep at my computer again.

Over lunch I got the next essay started, and little piece on the history of the American Coastal Fortifications.  Fun stuff for me.  And couldn’t stay awake.  When G suggested a nap, I napped.  One and a half hours of nap, actually.  We, note I said we, did get some things done….menu planning, grocery shopping for the week, dinner out.  Important things like these, late in the day. 

He missed his meeting.  I’m caretaking him.  He’s not at all pleased with me.  I’m going to go watch “Antiques Roadshow.”  Sometimes there is life after sleeping all day and not sleeping well the following night too.


  1. Sometimes the body just takes over when it comes to needing sleep.

    PS I think it a remarkable talent that you can fall asleep while sitting at the computer!!

    PPS Aren't those bunkers antithetical to the beauty of Marin?

  2. So looking forward to dinner tonight. Nap if the mood strikes. By all means!

  3. I nap but rarely longer than 30 minutes. It totally throws me off cycle if I sleep longer than that in the daytime. I have to shop for the week tomorrow or Thursday. Maybe a trip to the big box store so I don't have to shop as often.

  4. Love those old WWII structures we find all over the place. Your paper sounds intriguing. Dianne

  5. Oh, Mage, your posts are so interesting to me.

    Is that Point Reyes Light I see in the background? It's beautiful.

    Thanks also for all the great topics and sites you have listed down the left column of your blog.

    I have been following Captain Albert's Weblog as he so skillfully takes the Statendam from Victoria to Vancouver and is now on his way along the Inside passage to Alaska.

    Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to follow this story of Captain Albert's and,of course, your adventures,too!

  6. Hi's writing about architecture history in a different venue, and I am enjoying it all greatly.

    Hi Nancy, I have no way to leave you a note but here. That's Point Bonita. Yes, there's some terrific links there, and I enjoy them too. :) I didn't think anyone but me used those.


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