May 4, 2012

Starting de Mayo

  • Quatro de Mayo today.  The jewelry sale.  I’m going in early to photograph it for Facebook and maybe find a piece.  Or two.  I love the flash and bling and fun of it all.  I’m not the only one.  Usually there’s a line outside just waiting for the doors to open.  Inside, the store is filled with volunteers setting up the store.  We will have fun.

  • Cinco de Mayo tomorrow.  Cinco de Drinko the Geezer calls it.  It is not Mexican Independence day, it commemorates the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War.  Gringo’s drink over this.  The
    CHP has begun their don’t drink and drive campaign early this year.  It’s a good time for those of us who don’t drink to stay off the roads.

  • Finally my writer’s block lifted.  Or perhaps it was idea block.  I began a new poem and a compare and contrast essay about the changes in swimming strokes.  It was as if a great weight was lifted.  I hate these long silences in my head where all I have is domesticities.  Instead yesterday, I managed to do the research as well as get most of the first draft of the swimming stroke piece done.  Progress indeed.

  • As Google so aptly pointed out this morning, today is Keith Haring's 54th Birthday.
  •   This Huffington Post article shows you.  You don’t know who he is?  Amusing.  Delightful.  Colorful.  And yes, the stuff he did is art.


  1. I stay inside the entire day on Cinco de Mayo. UGH!

  2. My long pauses from creativity do not irritate me...but then I do not consider myself a real poet or writer. Maybe if I did I would be more consistent and careful!

  3. Saw something in that picture I'd like. Walla Walla is inundated with people tomorrow for the Spring Wine thing, Drinko de Mayo indeed.

  4. Hope you got the jewelry you were interested in having.
    I like jewelry but I don't remember to wear it often..besides sI hardly ever wear makeup anymore either. LOL

  5. Glad the fog lifted. I know how bad that is. I'm in this moving fit with several book ideas on hold. I'm hoping that gets me started quickly.

  6. Gotta love the bling!!!

    And would you please send a container of whatever your writer's block cure my way!!!!

    The excellent Mexican restaurant in my 'hood is close enough to crawl home -- they have awesome food and on holidays, great bands!!!! :)

  7. I was watching a 'Who do you thibk you are' programme last night and the subject June Brown - a much loved actress over here - wore pretty inexpensive(I guess) jewelry throughout - pretty dangling blue earrings to match her sweater for instance.
    She's 84 - a great gal, and sadly smoked throughout.


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