May 24, 2012


We love going to estate sales.  Sometimes tho, there’s just too much stuff….altogether.  One we went attended two weeks in a row, had giant boxes of stuff unendingly down the yard.  Rooms filled with pressed glass too.

Now days, I am often able to say, no thanks, I already have that.  Then again, if I already have that am I in trouble.

Often I say things like, “Eighty-five dollars, Gee….”  Then again, I remind myself that I have the pitcher in turquoise.  Gee.

Maybe my eye is drawn only to those things I already have.  If that’s true, maybe I aught to stop going to estate sales.


  1. I think you are trying to make sure that you are full. We think things do that, and I know you know that. But as long as I won't see you on an episode of Hoarding, keep up the perusing.

  2. I got my first puppy at an estate sale. He grew up to be a Great Pyrennes mix. HOLY MOMMA!

  3. I have never been to an estate sale. Looks like fun!

  4. I meant to stop here and comment earlier, but the dog escaped and I didn't. Those blue glasses are attractive, but who needs them? I don't add this stuff anymore, but if you have a use for them, that's good.

    I also unloaded a bunch of pressed glass items. Dianne

  5. All that pressed glass reminds me of my mother, who loved that style. When she began to downsize her house, she gave many pieces to friends who shared her interest.

    And when those friends died, the pieces came home.

  6. The blue glassware reminds me of all the Anchor Hocking red glass I have which came from someone in the family. It's pretty but we never use it.

  7. Things like the clothes laying in a heap depress me, but I cannot, repeat CANNOT get by all those pressed- and blue-glass pieces without drooling. Luckily I rarely buy, remembering how much "stuff" I already have stored away at home. I'm sure there's a psychological reason for this reaction, but looking is free and doesn't cause me weight gain or any other deleterious result, does it?

  8. Just remember: someday it will be YOUR estate sale. That's what keeps me from buying stuff.

  9. Gosh, I love estate sales, but I haven't been to one in ages. Sigh... I hope I can go to one when we're on the mainland in fall.


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