June 9, 2012


Photo credit: Geezer.

We are off to Amvets this morning, and if the Geezer can’t find what he wants there we will broaden our search.  We now have not only Amvets near our house, we have Goodwill, Salvation Army, The Rock Church Store, and The Cancer Society Discovery Shop all within a mile.

“We live in Paradise,” he told me this morning.

The goal is to find a good, textured, white or off white Steampunkish shirt and a pair of long tan cargo pants.  I found him a brown, faux leather vest at our store this week, and he has the colorful one I am making him too.  He has a tan leather, mens, over the shoulder bag, puttees…in brown, and a pile of brass goodies that he’s pondering.  I suggested he build a wood and brass cell phone. 

Did I ever tell you that dust triggers my IBS?  One thrift store will be enough for me.  I’m bringing a book today.  Since I just rediscovered Bill Crider’s mysteries, I’ll read while he costumes himself.


  1. And, I am sure your realize, there will now be many requests for photos!

  2. Love that you both love thrifting, estating and "the hunt." Agreeing with Tabor...pictures soon, please.

  3. Oh...the costuming....I'm sure it will be wonderful and inventive. Will he have a pocket protector in his shirt pocket too! And many mechanical pencils and pens? He must...good luck finding a shirt that is worthy....Don't forget a magnifying glass.

  4. I want to emphasize the photos. Sounds great.

  5. Sounds as if you had a fun day. My Sis has IBS. I had no idea dust could be so dastardly.

  6. Thanks for taking us shopping with you. I hate shopping so let my wife costume me.

  7. You wanna borrow Hubby's cargo pants--only they're slightly woodsy green color instead of tannish.
    AND, if dust is an IBS stimulant, all I can say is it's a good thing it's one health problem I don't have...YET.

  8. I don't expect the aerosols they usually spray liberally with helps either.
    Love the way they colour-co-ordinate.


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