June 26, 2012

Death of a Browser

Summer is here.
Himself:  He never complains about anything.    Oh, once in a while he snaps at me, but most of the time he is the most even of men.

Herself:  The weather is changing, and I am complaining about the aches and pains.  Perhaps I list them once a day out loud, and then there they are for the rest of the day.

Reading:  A Bill Crider mystery. 

Balance:   Using a recipe and measuring.  When the food comes out perfectly, I’m delighted.  Silly me.

My Firefox has biodegraded so much that I couldn’t even open any blogs this morning much less my photo host.

Oh, I’ve known it was fading.  It refused to open some blogs months ago.  It started burping a week ago.  Often my computer would tell me that my Firefox was too old to run this or that application.  Everything flickers.  Yesterday every time I shut a window, an error message showed up telling me that Firefox had crashed. 

“Life as I know it is near the end,” I told G.

He replied, “Oh, No.  All you,” Note he said “YOU, “have to do is import all your bookmarks to Internet Exploder, uninstall Firefox, reinstall a new copy of Firefox, reinstall all your bookmarks.”  Later he said the magic word “WE.”

“I’m backing everything up anyway,” I said.  But I sure am grateful this morning for the  existence of Google.  I Googled my blogs with some degree of effort, and there they were.  I Googled my photo host to find a summer picnic picture to head today’s entry. 

Sometimes thinking far, far ahead of yourself is good for the soul. 


  1. I am using Google Chrome - and I love it to pieces! Loving Hut soon?????

  2. Yes, Loving hut next week...:)

  3. Yes, Loving hut next week...:)

  4. Hope "WE" get the job done before YOU lost all control of your computer. LOL

  5. I hope you resolve your browsing woes soon. Technology is only fun when it's working. ;)

  6. Before I upgraded my operating system I was forced to stay with an older version of Firefox. Now I am up-to-date, and it looks a lot like Chrome. They certainly do tend to be copycats.

  7. Hilary said it about the relationship between fun and technology. Seems as if you are dealing effectively with the biodegrading technology, though.

  8. Speaking of recipes, Hubby got one online for making migas, Tex Mex style. Have you ever tried them? Yum yum! As for Firefox, are they not working well anymore? Mine seems fine (so far). I feel so tekkie challenged reading here today.


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