June 23, 2012

For the Eye

Eye in the sky.
Himself:  Loves his new glasses, and loves working from home.  Thought last night’s movie was ok, glad he saw it, but won’t buy it.  Estate sales and docenting today.  Losing weight.

Herself:  I liked last nights movie “Brave.”  Some of the best animation I’ve ever seen.  G agreed.  I thought after all the good stuff that the ending was weak.  It didn’t deserve the one star our local reviewer gave it.  Grocery shopping and menu planning today.  We are out of almost everything.

Reading:  Still on the Crider, but the latest Evanovich, “Wicked Business” arrived yesterday.

Balance:  Being forced to sit on my bed with my leg raised.

Summer movies instead of NCIS are a great hit. 

The Great Geezer and I take turns choosing the movie of the week.  Downstairs, one of the old camel chests is filled with films, and this week it’s my turn to rummage among the choices.  We’ve even been stopping by TarJay and window shop in the new releases to find something fresh.

We need a new movie source that’s a little broader that the limited range of things at Target.  He likes the old sci-fi, and I like documentary’s.  I like laughter too but hide my head during slapstick.  Then again, I’m the fool who watched Mel Brook’s “Blazing Saddles” five times. 

One of my projects this week is to broaden our base of DVDs to see.  If you all have any suggestions, do let me know.   


  1. Quote from someone who had been to "Blazing Saddles": "It was the most disgusting movie I had ever seen, and I said so as soon as I got up off the floor from laughing..."

    I've seen some ads for new movies that will premier on TV (USA and TNT) this summer. They don't interest me, but maybe you would like them.

  2. You picked a good time to do this as many people are unloading their DVDs for some new software or other. Of course the youngsters gving up CDs for the new thing may not like the same films. D.

  3. No suggestions. Love your sidebar updates. Great idea.

  4. Oh! I want to see Brave too! YESSS! I love movies!

  5. If you like Western and don't mind a lot of nasty language, the DEADWOOD series is great....all about the gold rush, building a town, the Chinese workers, the brothels, the saloons....

  6. We just saw a movie a friend loaned us "other guys" with Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg. Also have loved the PBS series DVD of "Downton Abbey". Hubby is watching "Iron Lady" right now, but I am not interested. We may see "Brave" tomorrow.

  7. Well... We saw War Horse last night from Red Box and it was pretty good although I'm not a fan of war movies. Our next movie will be John Carter. Even though the reviews were bad, my husband loves science fiction.

  8. 'Last of the summer wine.' and 'Dad's Army' are firm favourites with MTL. They are silly and nostalgic.

  9. The Doc Martin series from BBC! outstanding character driven series!


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