June 25, 2012

RIP Indeed

Photo: RGB, 2012.
Himself:  Found a wonderful herringbone tweed, cashmere jacket at an estate sale yesterday.  Wore it with a white shirt, black pants, and his black Mickey Mouse tie last night. 

Herself:  Wore one of Bee’s old shirts over my black on black on black last night.  Got complements.  Turns out that last night was out last turn at working at the meeting.  Oh, we are so very lazy.

Reading:  The new Evanovitch.  It’s getting better.  Leg still marginal, but the rest of me is pretty good.

Balance:  A great speaker from LA last night. 

I’ve talked to Bee, and now I should be making out menus for the week.  Instead, I am fussing with abbreviations. 

I don’t mind simple ones like “I’ll, she’d, they’d,” that sort of thing.  There are always abbreviations in a fast paced life, but I’ve developed a dislike for some of the more modern ones.  They actually shock me.

Like “app.”  Or “crit.”  Or even “RIP.” 

What happened to Rest in Peace.  That must have vanished with the dinosaurs.  The Modern RIP means Routing Information Protocol.  There’s lots of protocols out there actually such as SIP: Session Initiation Protocol, RTSP: Real-time Streaming Protocol, or even the truly obscure RARP: Reverse Address Resolution Protocol.

For a bigger annoyance talk to me of “App.”  What’s wrong with downloading an “application?”  Perhaps something burped in the head of a young person somewhere, and application morphed into App.  Young folks do that.  Is this implying that my generation is getting old?  I admit we turned fabulous into Fab.  Remember the Fab four.  I confess to vastly over using that abbreviation.

Now there’s a new one to irritate semi literate artists like me.  Crit.  “I’m going to my crit group.”  Yes that’s a sentence and begun by those in my age group.  Shame on us.  If I want a critique, that’s what I will ask for.  I’ve been to more critiques than automobile accidents, but the word seems to be RIP.  Maybe I’m RIP and don’t know it. 

Is there and App for that?   


  1. Oh honey, there is an app for everthing! I can even write my journal using an app! And it has voice tp text. No need to even type! Progress? Not so sure about that.

  2. I still write out the full names of states unless (1) it's for the post office or (2) it's in a field of only two characters. I was taught not to use abbreviations in general text.

    However, I am also a better typist than these kids, not to mention a better speller. D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R.

  3. I agree with Harriet.

  4. Crit? Wow! That's a new one for me. LOL! I have to keep looking stuff up because I don't know what it means.

  5. Oh you have articulated a definite PPOM (pet peeve of mine)! I have yet to recover from my experience compiling my first magazine-style biennial report for a marine research agency in the 1980s.

    One project title included a string of abbreviations. When I finally cornered the principal investigator,he said he did not know what the alphabet soup stood for. "Everyone just uses the acronyms," he said. I insisted he find out. The revised version he sent had a few real words in place of the letters. The rest of the acronyms had been created from the first letters of even more acronyms. I conceded defeat.

  6. I've noticed the slang shortened words being used on tv shows too. The Real Housewives of where ever use them all the time....

  7. Funny. I have to agree with you here. I get a bit overwhelmed and tired of all these abbreviations also. I also get confused. What do all these things mean????

  8. Marriage to a senior civil servant got me bored to the back teeth with acronyms and now our blog world is invaded by them.
    I think Requiem in Pace has a beautiful sound but I usually have to check the spelling.
    I have to confess to using 'crit' occasionally but eschew 'laters'!

  9. I can't decide whether the acronyms are better or worse than the word endings, as if it's too difficult to add a syllable.

    'Blog is from weblog, which is often a misnomer for what we are posting here.

    'Rents? Isn't that what you pay landlords? I would never have used that to refer to my biological progenitors.

    If the language is incomprehensible to the larger population, it is not a language. (A jargon, maybe.)

    As I said, D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R.

  10. It's like working/living in a bad government job -- all the acronyms (ACS) ;)


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