June 3, 2012

Sunday Shorts

The San Diego Automotive Museum where G works on Saturdays and Captain Poolie reigns.

  • G’s company suddenly gave all staff one more week of vacation time plus the two weeks they have now.  This is a little like working in Europe…three weeks to a month off.  Although my brain is filled with things to do with those three weeks of vacation, it’s his vacation.

    “Next year we can go through the Panama Canal,” I mentioned.  I know he is going to be very tired of those mentions.

  • G’s approaching several folks about bowling.  He’s good at it….what an archaic sport it is, and his feelers produced a few results.

  • Me?  I can’t say I’m happy about the poetry group.  One lady talks enthusiastically, loudly,  through the whole few hours.  Little got read.  I was amazed to find myself silent through much of the gathering tho I got some very good criticism from those who listened to my piece.  I was uncomfortable.  I’ll have to see what happens with it.

  • Our fair city, except when we have June Gloom, has been labled an “IN” destination.  Where before folks escaped to San Francisco or LA for a quick few days of fun, they now come to San Diego.  Before, we were a sleepy coastal, Navy town, now we have music, clubs, resorts, plus all the other newer attractions like the Midway Museum and Legoland.  Of course, for those of us who live here, I note many of us go to the desert to dry out in 113 degree heat.

  • Taking them in; taking them off.  What a struggle.  I bought a pair of black levis cheep, at Ross,…and even tried them on.  When I got home, they still fit.  After wearing them for about half an hour, they slid off.  I took them in.  I couldn’t get them buttoned.  I let them out, they fell off…why because they were cut too low.  I started to take the seams I put in out for the last time, and I ripped a hole in them.  All in all, a very frustrating experience.

  • The new show at the Automotive Museum is a huge hit.  All day yesterday the hall was jammed, the Geezer reported.  Photos at Captain Poolie’s blog, and on the Geezer’s pages.  How cool to have such a hit on your hands.

  • Arby  is coming to terms with the next Passage in her life.  To quote Arby, “…my latest Passage. It's one Gail Sheehy apparently didn't know anything about; it's the Passage into old age.”  I find her working through things here in OD fascinating.  Perhaps my writing about it will also clarify my own passages and those of so many other’s I know who are going through the same stages.  Life is a moving changing work, and we all pass through it sometimes in oblivion as I did with youth.

  • We’ve seen Snow White and the Huntsman and it’s dark, dark, dark.  Back to its original Grimm roots, they tell us.  Telling you that Charlize Theron is really excellent isn’t giving anything away. 

  • …and then…Jane Fonda has yet again discovered herself and has a new movie and new exercise video out at 74.  At least she has admitted she’s had her face lifted.  Even better, today was the day that Dragnet was born in 1954. Almost best is that our favorite store, Amvets< is now open on Sundays.  Best of all, The Queen is celebrating 60 years on the throne.  I’m enjoying the pageantry.


  1. You were watching "Sunday Morning," just like us. Jane mentioned that she'd had plastic surgery; I know, I can tell, even though it's very good work.

    Back in 1949, I was one of those who listened to "Dragnet" on the radio.

    I saw a cartoon you may like. I'll find it and send it to you.

  2. Nice little factoids today, Mage. As for the poetry group, I understand how uneasy these settings can be, but what I find they do well is give me the courage to keep trying. Sometimes, for me at least, it really is all about the journey.

  3. I'm glad Jane finally admitted what we all knew....she's human just like the rest of us. She seems quite happy and is as lovely as ever. I wish I still had her original workout tape...it was awesome when I could still do it. I have another tape of her exercises but haven't even opened it up...LOL

  4. I like the top photo. I am not into old cars, but I'll bet G is?? Going to look for old cookbooks, though I need something I can convert into points. Dianne

  5. I am sooo exhausted but so happy about this exhibit. A very satisfied happy.

  6. I really think Charlize Theron is great, but I'm not a fan of Kristin Stewart. My brother saw Snow White and said it was very good too.

  7. I have been to busy to enjoy the Queen's celebration, but would like it if and when I could sit for a bit! I have reached the stage where you have to go to a good department store for a pair of jeans and pay the big bucks. My jeans last forever, so I do this once in a while. Nothing will fit middle age correctly unless you do! One department store here sells some called "Not my daughter's jeans" and they fit me well. I admire Jane Fonda for her independence and honesty. I read her most recent book and while I am always amazed at how secure beautiful women can be, I still see that little girl in her to which she put up the stiff shoulder.

  8. Sorry I meant to type 'insecure' It has been a long day for me.

  9. Years ago I read somewhere that San Diego had perfect weather. You disappoint me. I had no idea it varied so much.


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