June 10, 2012

Sunday's Snippits

…or bits of the week that have no name.  Titles:  This one is too cute, Sunday Shorts are too formal.  I’ll find a title that I like eventually.

Long sleeved shirts at Amvets.

  • I confess that I’ve been reading again enthusiastically.  Some kind person brought four mysteries into the store, and they caught my eye.  “A Sheriff Dan Rhodes Mystery,” they say on their front page.  When I finished the first few, I came upstairs to Google more about the author, Bill Crider.  I was delighted to find that these four Dan Rhodes mysteries weren’t the only ones because I liked this Sheriff.  I liked the small towns Crider writes about, and I like the gentleness of character behind the adventures.  I’m left wondering why I didn’t discover these books sooner.

  • Cowboy steamppunkish vest.

  • Amvets.  Imagine, a whole store without cargo pants.  Out of fashion even in thrift stores.  We haven’t given up yet tho.  Yesterday while he worked, I pinned the toggles on his very lively colored vest.  As his costume develops, we will know more of what’s needed.  Right now it appears he is becoming a steampunk workman of some sort.  I think he needs a tool belt.

    NMMI patch.

  • We did find a patch from his Academy.  He wouldn’t buy it.  I pressed, cajolled, pushed and all to no avail.  I think he remembers it smaller and less colorful.  Personally, I think it would look great on his steampunk costume.  Even Nine Million Marching Idiots can be steampunk.  When I pointed out that the patch is similar to his vest, he vaguely agreed we should get one item with the patch on it.

  • There’s a farewell potluck for young friends.  Selfishly, I will be sorry to lose them to the heat of Arizona.  They have moved up in the world tho, and this is a wonderful advance for them.  I hate finding folks that we have so much in common with then having them vanish.   No camera.

  • Found on Ronnie Bennett’s blog is this video.  As she says, “I certainly never knew that mama duck makes them jump out of a high-perched nest when they are only one day old. Or that baby ducks bounce. Take a look:”


  1. Love that video. She got all 12 it looks like and even dozen! These should be wood ducks. The male is so lovely.

  2. Couldn't even keep count, there were so many ducks. I learned a lot here. I didn't know Mallards nested so high, much less that they had to jump out of the nest! Animals--fowl included--are so fascinating!
    As for Bill Crider, he sounds like quite a character himself. Now I think I have to have at least a look at his books too. I love discovering new writers of all ilk.
    Finally, Hubby has a pair of cargos he still wears, even with a frayed hem.

  3. Ouch....at least one of those babies managed to land in a bush so the fall wasn't quite so hard! What a great video. Good luck with finding the cargo pants...could you find some khakis and make them cargo-like?

  4. Thanks for a new expletive :
    'Bouncin' baby ducks!'

  5. The ducklings look none the worse for wear. I suppose we humans could learn a lesson from them.


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