June 1, 2012

Where was I?

The old OB lifeguard tower, and on the left the new lifeguard tower.  1982.

Sometimes I run into things I don’t remember at all such as this photograph.  Oh, I remember doing these two drawings.  I liked the old tower, but there wasn’t any room for lifeguards in this old shack.  I didn’t like the new cement block tower.  It was cold and echoed, but it had plenty of room for lifeguards and their things at the time it was built.  I bet there’s no room now.

But where was I?  Was this at the newspaper office?  Were these copies or originals.   Copies probably as they are 8 1/2 x 11.  I was drinking heavily…look how thin I was.  I was happy about this moment, but I’m still left wondering where I was. 

Don’t you have moments like these?

In the photo below, I know exactly where I was, what happened, and where each piece of art is today that was in this photograph.  Even the Chair.  I’m left wondering why I blanked out the history of that moment with the lifeguard towers.   

There we are post Christmas at the big house: mess and crowd and all.  1987.  To the left is a little Lenore Simon, “After the Bath” which is in the hall.  The big abstract De Llamas is in the bedroom, the Picasso are there too as are the Precolumbian copies.  The Barse Miller mural study is over my computer in the office.


  1. I received a picture in the mail yesterday, from my old (sixty years) friend -- the two of us. She didn't know when it had been taken.

    I remember, but I haven't decided whether I will tell her. She thinks it might have been before a wedding, but I know it was before a funeral.

  2. I love these photos!!!! Thanks!

  3. At least you have photos....it is so much fun to look back and see the hairstyles, the clothes and so on. I have a few photos in outfits, I don't even remember.

  4. Beautiful artwork. I am dismal about modern art, although I like colors.

    I have photos I can't recall, but mostly from younger days. Amazingly you saved so many old photos. Fun to look at.

    I thought of something else, but can't remember what. Dianne

  5. Alcohol robbed you of your memory. Too sad. Have a great weekend!

  6. Photos have a sneaky way of doing that.

  7. I forget what I was going to say here. (It happens.) So I'll just say hello.

  8. Yes, it often happens that I find an old photo of myself and can't figure out where it was taken. And then there are the photos with furniture I used to have and I can't think what happened to that chair or that table.


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