July 20, 2012

A Zen Kind of Day

….or letting the day unfold as it may.

Several Blue “A”s acting the fools.

Himself:   Working in LA.  He called me, I called him.  He arrived just after dinner, and we had a delightful evening.

Herself:   I slept really well Wednesday, less so Thursday in the heat of the great G.

Reading:   I skimmed one of those “new” and touted novels….what a well written, true feeling, horror story.  I couldn’t finish it.  Have a JA Jance to read, but picked up a Mrs. Polifax by error.  It’s a joy to reread.

Balance:  Home and working on Comic Con photos.  Yes!  Reading.  Yes!

It was a Marta kind of day.  I got the house tidied, dishes….2 loads worth, washed and out of her way.  In anticipation of the poetry group, I dressed nicely, wore my new green earrings, and got myself out of Marta’s way early in the day.  I stopped by the Thrift Store to put more books out for the sale, then went to the restaurant half an hour early.

There I was.  Warm but parked in the shade.  In my wonderful truck for which I need to join the Chevy club to get parts.  Waiting.  No one came.  It wasn’t a matter of the meeting being moved, it was a matter of the meeting being cancelled.

Had I looked at my appointment book?  No.  Did I remember at the very last minute?  Yes.  At least I was grateful I remembered and came home guiltily to a very clean house.  Feeling the fool, indeed, I set about to wash more dishes.

Why dishes.  Our dishes haven’t been cleaned lately.  Not at all.  No matter the brand of dishwasher soap we used, no matter the dishwasher cleaner we used, our dishes came out of the dishwasher still with a residue of grease and foods.  We did eat off of them.…Obviously we weren’t thinking. 

I tried to reach the repair folks online.  Nope, they wanted 45 bucks to talk with me.  G struggled with phone trees and finally found someone who suggested we take the arms that go round and round out, clean them, and see what happens.  We took them out only to see all the water holes but one blocked.

We took the whole interior of the dishwasher apart and soaked each piece.  Vinegar worked better than CLR or the special cleaner stuff the manufacturer recommended.  Yesterday I washed three loads.  Now I am washing more dishes.  Now I am washing all the silver, the pots and pans, and glasses as well as the utensils we have used lately. 

There are days I really feel the fool, but my dishes will be clean in a most Zen manner.


  1. I've been washing dishes by hand since the power outage here. Electric came back but I kept on washing by hand. I prefer it. Never any dirty dishes in the sink. Dianne

  2. I'm weird. Love laundry and love washing dishes by hand.

  3. Just read all of the posts I missed. Comic Con looks wonderful. Sorry I can't be there. I'm looking forward to more pictures.

  4. The great thing about dishwashers is the hot water they use. I like my eating utensils and dishes sanitized with the hot water. Before I load the dishwasher, I usually scrub each plate with a metal scrubber to remove the food and grease. Then I stick it in the washer to be sanitized.

  5. Gosh, you sound quite normal to me. Glad you got the dishwasher problem solved. Our dog licks his dishes so clean you can't tell he's eaten off them. If I had your dishwasher I'd be in a mess, I'd be eating after the dog.

  6. I had recently read on Pinterest that you should clean the dishwasher just as you did...Also they suggested pouring a cup of vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher and running the cycle on HOT to really make it sparkle.

  7. Last week I went to my therapist and the door was locked. I was early so sat in the sun to wait. Eventually I rang the bell and was let in by her husband. He went to look at the diary and I checked mine.
    "Yes it says Jayney Thursday 2.30 pm."

    The husband apologetically told me it was Friday.


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