July 7, 2012

Over Saturation EDIT

Counter at Brian’s restaurant.

Himself:  Sales then the museum.  Tomorrow he was given tickets to the ball game.  We are both looking forward to this.

Herself:  A little shopping, an inedible lunch, and some research for tomorrows snippits.  Making potatoe salad for later.  Game tomorrow.   Having a Hodad’s hamburger in the stands for lunch or dinner.  Just the best ever.  Maybe we will win too.

Reading:   Blogs, yes I am catching up with you all.

Balance:   No crows or parrots.

Estate sales this morning then breakfast.  Here in our neighborhood, we now have Perry’s - a genuine greasy spoon, there’s a Du-Pars -  thirties style breakfast joint, two Denney’s, Brian’s up the hill, and now the Broken Yoke.  These aren’t fly by night places to eat, they are all offer full service breakfasts with large servings and bustling wait staffs.  There are crowds, and the food won’t kill you.

Geezer and I think the breakfast restaurant market here has been saturated.  I confess, we are judgmental.

There's I-Hop.  Their food disagrees with my stomach but it's right down the street from Denny's.  No Denny’s either.    They offer the lowest priced breakfasts and you can get almost anything you want.  The food is vaguely edible, but no thanks.  There’s Du-Pars.  They were big stuff in LA for years.  Now they have snuck into San Diego and offer vastly over priced poorly cooked breakfasts.  The poetry group meets there in the silence of their empty twin dining rooms.  Usually I have their pancakes.  Excellent pancakes tho vastly overpriced.  This week I tried a BLT for lunch, and for a BLT it wasn’t bad.  But it was fifteen bucks.  No thanks.

Brian’s has the best breakfasts of all.  I never have a complaint about eating there, but it isn’t handy to the house.  Usually we go to Perry’s Breakfast Café because the prices are lower and it’s nearby.  This week we attempted to broaden our horizon and ate at The Broken Yoke.  Yes, they always have lines out the doors at their PB place, but not here in the Point.  Their prices are a third higher than Perry’s, and they offer “truly mediocre” foods.   That’s quoting the Geezer exactly.  My omlette was ok, but it had brown mushroom beef gravy over the top.  His chicken fried steak didn’t come near that of the Studio Diner up on the mesa.  Great efforts for blah foods.

Oh, picky picky us.  We are going back to Perry’s and I’m altering what I eat.  Fruit and cottage cheese instead of those luscious muffins they give us or deliciously fatty potatoes.  We don’t have to eat all of their gargantuan portions either.  Best of all, we won’t have to suffer the mediocrity of blahness or the shock of high prices. 

We seem to learn things like this slowly.


  1. Ever been to Antique Row? We can go sometime and have breakfast for dinner!

  2. I guess I'm not a big restaurant breakfast eater. I like my oatmeal or cereal with yogurt.

    I wish I could go to an estate sale. They are so much fun. I hope you found something special.

  3. Denny's gave us the best breakfasts for years. It was a family tradition. The food was adequate for all of us. The waitstaff knew us and gave us excellent service.

    I almost never go out to breakfast any more, as my regular companions are no longer available. For me it's not the food as much as the companionship. And my appetite has diminished, which is not a bad thing.

    If I can tweak a breakfast to substitute fruit for potatoes, it's probably fine.

  4. We went to Denny's in Florida several times...there are not a lot of good restaurants in the little town where the Rv park is located. Howevr, I did notice a huge decline in both of the service and the food during the 6 months we were there. And the little Mom and Pop restaurants don't give a lot of food for the money. But I did enjoy some good breakfasts while visiting the Captain in San Diego.


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