July 24, 2012

Food Blog Intimacies

…topped by a feathery Comic Con flitter.

A mighty boxer.

Himself:  He looked for seatbelts online.  When GM’s economy crashed, they stopped making parts for their older vehicles at about 12 years.  Finding parts is now an interesting adventure.

Herself:  Took Grumpy to the body shop and was given a ride home in a customer service vehicle that was a stretch limo.   Library.  At least my card was still good.

Reading:  Suzanne Beecher’s “Muffins and Mayhem.”  Even went to her web site/blog/review site which left me dithering.

Balance:  Hot dogs at Costco. 

Obviously it’s me.  I picked up Beecher’s “Muffins and Mayhem” at my finally reopened library yesterday to discover she also has a web site http://www.dearreader.com/>DearReader.com.  When I found her page, I was left confused.

I can hear her saying, “It’s simple.  Just subscribe to the book club you are interested in.”

But I’m also wary.  The labels on things are not clear.  Am I subscribing to a library book club?  Her book clubs?  If so, where do I find them.  Perhaps my brain needs another gear this morning.  Her book is charming….so it has to be me.

http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/>Ree at Pioneer Woman Cooks was always concise.  Perhaps as she grew into an industry she left me and intimacy behind.  I read her not at all confusing blog for years, but when her house became home to workshops all the while she was working on her cookbook, perhaps I felt she had grown too grand for me. 

Blogs are fragile things.  For years I started my day with John at the http://oldgreypoet.com/>Old Grey Poet.  He’s stopped writing.  I can’t tell you how much I miss him.  I followed John with Dee at http://cbg-dee.blogspot.com/>The Coffee Bean Goddess.  The gentle sense of a friend writing to another friend was there in every entry they wrote.  Dee died just after she wrote that last entry.  I miss her too. 

After dithering with Beecher’s site yesterday, I wondered if I might include a recipe or two here as Dee used to do.  Simply.  Anyway, I’m thinking about this.


  1. As you may have noticed form my sidebar, I have grown close to and lost my early blogger friends. Others have disappeared into the ether-sphere...one who stayed at my home one night, even. It is a fragile space with worm holes and time warps in abundance.

  2. Blog friends come and go....as do bloggers. I have had many joys and disappointments doing this. And YOU, my sweetie friend, and are one of the joys!

  3. I used to read the Pioneer Woman but I have stopped basically for the same reason you did. And I had a couple of other blogs that have just left me with my mouth hanging open. I can't deal with all the over the top intellect these days.

  4. Blog friends seem to cycle. A few of those I read faithfully are barely writing. Thank goodness you are here most days. Thank you. Dianne

    PS I have burning places all over my face this afternoon from handling a Habenero pepper my friend brought over. I guess I touch my face a lot.


  5. You really get to know your blogger friends. I was so very sad when one of my blogger friends died unexpectedly. Another one is now in a bad way and her son donated her computer. Her son was kind enough to let us know. I agree with Captain Poolie. You are one of my joys!

  6. I too have been rethinking my position on blogs. I really value my blogger friends--they were so good to support me during my cancer treatment in 2010--but sometimes I feel like I've made up the me that I show in the blog. The one I wish I could write would be much more gritty, but somehow much more interesting. I blame it on the era and place of my birth--the good girl who says only good things if anything at all. But I'm much more complex than that. If only I had the courage to write some of the things I'd love to write. As of now, fate of blog still undetermined.


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