July 26, 2012

Hurry, Hurry with V8

The new sorting shelves for books in the back room.

Himself:  Hardly moved from his computer.

Herself:  Books…and I will go back to see if I can get more out into the store.

Reading:  Finished the last one and haven’t started a new one.

Balance:  Pausing throughout the day.  The One Minute Meditations really do work.

I’m not going to my poetry group this noon.  A good excuse is that I can’t hear a word anyone reads at Nati’s Mexican restaurant.  I actually have two pieces ready to  go….a sonnet and a short descriptive piece…well illustrated with my photos.

No, I am going to run to the store and price books.  The boss thinks that since we got the shelves, we now have more book donations.  I replied that now they were just off the floor.  If I can get these priced and out in the store proper, not only will we make money, but I will have some sort of order in the back room. 

One can only hope.

Meanwhile I will whip together half a ham and no fat cheese sandwich to take with me in my little cold pack/lunch pouch.  V8 juice too. 


  1. Oh my, I can think of few things I dislike more than moving books around, and you seem to enjoy it. The world needs more people like you.

  2. One minute meditator. Sounds interesting. Do you have a triage when people donate books. Are there books you will not accept?

  3. Nati's! Love Nati's! Let's go there next time!

  4. Books always sounds like a place in Heaven to me. I would love a job like that.

  5. This really does sound like a fun job to have. What fun to look at books and seeing what kind people donate.


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