July 12, 2012

It Begins

A steam punk workman with a wide arrangement of tools in his belt.

Himself:  Worked hard.  Fitted his costume.  Picked up his 4 day badge. 

Herself:  Moved a massive amount of books out to the floor.  Sale time.  Joanie priced, I placed.  I am so grateful that Joanie volunteers to price on Wednesdays.  M&M’s at a movie last night.  No wonder I am 100 pounds overweight as we are seeing lots of movies this year.

Reading:  An unread JA Jance reporter mystery found in the mountains of books I put on sale.

Balance:  Waiting in the car while G waited in line. 

It’s that time of year again.  Comic Con opened its doors last night, and even the Geezer will get a couple of hours in tonight.  No costume tho.  We are looking for one of those long dramatic cowboy coats to finish off his costume.  Probably not this year at full price.

For the first time ever, Comic Con released badges outside of the convention center.  The freeways leading into the valley were at a standstill.  The sneak-in-off-freeways roads were jammed also.  The Town and Country Hotel in the Valley charged $10.00 bucks to park.  I went along with a book and water while G went to stand in line.  He was back almost instantly.  The Comic Con folks were so organized that he was in and out in fifteen minutes.

Tonight he will go for a couple of hours.  Friday night we both have other plans, but he will be Comic Conning both Saturday and Sunday’s full time.  Me?  I’m going down to shoot photos on Saturday afternoon then have dinner with him at some close place.  Sunday I will be there from the time they open to closing. 

This is going to be fun. 


  1. Now I've dismissed myself from thinking of blogs and computers for summer, I actually have more time to get in here oftener. Can't believe I'm first to say something today. Are you sure that's a costume G's wearing? Pretty nifty and official looking--a little like a tad heftier Indiana Jones. Love the beard!

  2. Geezer is the MAN in that costume! You did grand work, lady! I cannot wait to see you tomorrow night!

  3. Oh my... he looks great and this sounds like a load of fun.

  4. He looks like a still from a movie...wonderful costuming...Hope you find something equally as impressive......enjoy!

  5. This is just too cool!!! I'll be waiting for those photos.


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