July 18, 2012

Lists are Good for the Soul

Johnny Depp at his repeated and fuzzy best.  Photo: RGB.

Himself:  Packed last night.  Up, brought me coffee, and was off to Burbank by five.  Very organized.  We watched the last of the Harry Potter films last night.

Herself:  I miss him already.  Put together a five page, mostly photos, humourous summary for the Thursday Group.  Glad we are done watching HP.

Reading:  Just finished the third Linda Castillo.  Very frightening stuff.  Not quite as bloody as the Box books tho.

Balance:  Being organized myself.  I hope.

The house seems empty around me.  Perhaps it’s not only the emptiness but the neatness that bothers me.  I make it worse by picking up after myself this morning.  He would laugh at me.

The Great Geezer has gone up to Burbank for two days of training with a changed insurance system.   We got Grumpy back just in time for G to drive the Toyota north.  No new seatbelt to replace the fraying one on the driver’s side.  The cup holder and the steering wheel are replaced, but no repaired dent either.  I hit the trash cans with the passenger front fender just enough to put in a small dent.  It’s double walled so the paintless-dent-repair folks can’t fix it as G had hoped.  We will take it to a good body shop next week. 

The week afterwards, we can take the Toyota in for an identical fender repair.  WE no longer park quite so close to the trash cans.

Books today.  We have so many that there’s a sale on.  I need to stock the sale shelves…we can’t sell the books if they are in the back room.  Yes, I’m making a list.  List making keeps my brain on track.  I took a car load of stuff into the store for Dana last week and forgot her receipt.  Gotta get her one.  Get a print at by Bee framed for the stair wall.  Pick up a fat baggy dress to wear to the pool at the store called Great Curves.  Enjoy driving my truck.  Oh, that’s such a pleasure after driving the Toyota….ah yes, pick up heavy grey thread to mend the truck seat too. 

He’s only been gone hours, and I miss him.  Perhaps I should add him to my list.  Lists are good for the soul.


  1. I do believe that people can be too organized. It's overrated. Thanks for the photo of Johnny.

  2. I always feel soothed after reading your posts...wonder why??
    Hard to be alone in a house where two are usually found. I hated those times when David was in the hospital.

    100 here yesterday and today. Ugh. Supposed to cool off tomorrow. Daughter Connie and two grands coming this afternoon. Busy Day. Dianne

  3. Yeah, thanks for the photo of Johnny. I love him. Dianne

  4. If it weren't for lists, I'd be lost!!! I just saw Johnny Depp in the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean" and enjoyed it immensely!!

  5. I make lots of lists and then manage to lose some of them along the way. It sounds like you have plenty to keep yourself busy while your husband is gone....he will soon be back home and you will have a lot of catching up to do then.

  6. Lists make all the difference. Perhaps you should also write up your feelings about missing the G. I bet he'd be touched to read them when he returns. At our age every little effort helps to keep the flame burning.

  7. I have to keep lists too. My brain just doesn't hold a thought for very long.

  8. I think lists can be good for the soul also, but I am terrible at making them. I fight the discipline of it. That is just how I am - an undisciplined, rebellious soul. I wonder if that will ever change?

  9. My daughter made fun of me because I always have a list somewhere...and so does she!


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