July 30, 2012

Out, Out, and Out

Himself:  Had great fun at a junk yard Saturday, and Sunday bought all the needed stuff to finish two rooms.  We saw the surrealistic “Moonrise Kingdom,” and were surprised then delighted. 

Herself:  Had great fun shopping at Lowes.  Nothing we wanted at Home Depot.  Looking for a local sponsor.  My lovely lady lives in Florida and I never call her….shame on me.  Started upper body workouts three days a week.

Reading:  Nothing.  I’m shocked.  Watching Olympics instead.

Balance:   Not.  I will work on that today.  Om.

We had a really busy week last week.  The successful vegetarian meals served earlier in the week were overcome by our enthusiastic eating out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

There is no excuse for BBQ, a movie food court, and Mexican three days in a row.  Guilt alone should separate us from the fats and carbs we so enthusiastically consumed….even  with salsa fresca.  Instead, I plan, with slightly less enthusiasm, a week of simple meals not fragmented with wonderful hot dogs or grease laden tacos.

Stuffed green peppers, day 1.  They are good hot or cold.  That’s entre.  Baked squash, 2, and baked potatoes, 3.  Perhaps a Boboli crust pizza or a veggie pizza for day 4. 

My friend Bee insists I try a yogurt cheese she found called Quark.  Yes, that’s what I said.  Following her instructions read from the package, she told us you can use it just like regular soft Ricotta cheese.   Just imagine the Italian foods we can wallow in this week.  

I’m heading to the grocery store.

What to do with Quark Cheese.


  1. Strong flavored cheeses such as goat cheese or blue cheese you can add just a little to flavor dishes. Also curry, cinnamon, cloves all add flavor without adding calories esp. with squash.

  2. Maybe we should just do coffee?????

  3. You know on the WW plan you can have these things, you just have to stick to the points. Cheer up, getting thin is like getting sober. One Day at a Time for the rest of your life. Dianne


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