July 31, 2012

Pictorially Speaking

Captain America.  Catching an image like is this simply wonderful.  All that magic.

Himself:  Worked hard, ate, dressed up, led meeting, and came home to watch Olympics.  Looked up the cute beach cottage across the street that they want 425 for.  We could do a lot with it but it has a pool.

Herself:   Was out of it again all day.  Veggie be me not my food.  Woke up to make dinner and after dinner to make all my calls and watch Olympics.  Today just swam, wrote, cleaning up after myself.

Reading:  Skimmed a book.  Not my sort of thing.

Balance:   Waking up. 

I’ve been doodling again and making all those beginner errors with my pen.  Made me laugh.  If I hold the sketch pad flat while I work, the perspective is skewed on whatever you do.  You would laugh at my newest apples.

Less errors, perhaps, with my Comic Con photos.  This one today is a keeper.  I love moments like these.  Naked joy.  PAH, my first husband, got a similar shot of  Carradine with an adoring fan in 1962.  I hadn’t seen that look since.  I love shooting people.  Perhaps I only remember birds and the great out doors when I am forced into it.

One of the things I want to do today is more sketching after I clean up more of my messes.  Somehow, where ever I sit messes grow around me.  Even pictorial messes.


  1. We suffer the same ailment. Where ever I go a mess follows me. If I'm into knitting it's yarn and all that goes with that. If I'm reading it's books and all the stuff that goes with that. Right now I'm knitting and planning toward moving downtown Portland so I'm buried in yarn, maps, and books. Bob is a neatnik or I'd be in real trouble. I clean up because I know he's going to be after me if I don't.

  2. Glad you liked my shot of the begonia flower. I have been drooling over your beautiful photos for months. Dianne


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