July 14, 2012

A Steam Punk Gala

What is Steampunk?  It’s as if the world took a turn at the Victorian age yet gained all the modern electronics…plus a few.  There are several types of Steampunk.  The formal Victorian vies with the Western for drama, and both were present at the Automotive Museum Gala last night. 

Lessa, The Geezer, and I traversed our way from the 21st century into the Steampunk age with ease and celebrated at the Automobile Museum with its innovative director Captain Poolie.  Each person has attempted to create a new persona in this alternate world, but some did it better than others.

Before the Great Geezer heads off to Comic Con this morning - I to follow later, I thought I would share some of the best costumes from this alternate world.  Enjoy, as we did.










  1. Looks like a fun and interesting day awaits you.

  2. What a fun group of photos. Looks like blast!

  3. I really wish I could have been there too but that would have meant I needed to make a costume.....!

  4. The Comic Con is in our local newspapers. I would not have known about it if I hadn't read your blog. Does this mean you are more newsworthy than the local Post? Dianne

  5. PS I am trying to find a wheeled carry on for my flight in the fall, any ideas? I haven't been on a plane in 8 years. Dianne

  6. Be still my heart! You got some great shots!!!


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