July 22, 2012

Sunday Snippits

  • More people attended the Pride Festival here in San Diego that attended Comic Con.  Over 200,000 Pride participants crowded into our city this weekend, and we don’t have a business plan that focuses on these flat out happy folks like we do for the folks at Comic Con.  There were only 120,000 ticket holders there….plus all the sightseers.

  • G’s museum was almost empty yesterday as no one wanted to fight the crowds to park….except the Pride folks.  Even G had a struggle finding a parking place and finally hid the truck amidst the trees.

  • We did Saturday estate sales yesterday, and among the things I picked up is a thick tome “Ships” put out by the Smithsonian and the National Maritime Museum.  After lunch when G headed off into traffic, I read unmovingly for three hours.  It’s a fascinating volume. Tho I have many shelves of shipping books, until now I didn’t have any history that took me into the 21st century with things like container shipping.  G also found a beaded necklace that go well with my new pseudo animal prints.

  • When it comes to clothing, I too am a very conservative being.  Ever since the surgery that saved my leg, I’m very self-conscious about the scar and the resulting lymphedema.  Most of the time, I wear compression stockings….those ugly white things that force the fluids and proteins out of my legs.  They are 25 bucks a pair.  Even during the summer, I wear socks on top of the stockings to hide them.  That also limits my footwear.  Yesterday, G found black “as seen on TV” socks at our local  CVS drugstore.  Nine bucks too.  I had my doubts.  Nope….they work as well or better than the expensive version.   Yes, I shall go buy all I can see this morning.

  • Greek dinner at our favorite Greek place with the Feasters.  No one can reach Dot.  She is a vivacious and opinionated lady who served in the WAC’s during WWII.  Several months ago she stopped using her computer something that had always been important to her.  In the last few months, I noticed that she seemed confused, unable to follow conversations, and very fragmented.  This last week, no one could contact her by phone.  The P2’s live near here and will go out later this week.  

  • So far Mrs. P is doing well with her chemo, but her poor post polio Mr. P had to listen to me extol the virtues of Comic Con and other pleasures by scooter.  He’s still using crutches and struggling terribly.  I understand his desire to retain some autonomy, but there are times that call for a little flexibility.

  • We discovered the fattening joy of M&M’s Peanut Butter goodies last night while watching the Bruce Willis slapstick, action film “Cop Out.”  I hate slapstick.  I loved “Red”  Now that was entertaining.  Are there other Bruce Willis films you like?


  1. Great post!!! Lots of interesting stuff!!!

    Hope you can help your friend!!!!

  2. Those M&M's will get you every damn time!!!

  3. I am not crazy about Bruce Willis films as they are a little too predictable, but I do like his charisma for some reason. Deep down he seems nice. I really liked watching Moonlighting on TV. Watch the candy...count out ten and then put the rest high up where you cannot get them easily.

  4. I feel the same way about slapstick and have never been a great fan of Charlie Chaplin.
    Poor Dot - my heart goes out to her.

  5. I'm so glad you were able to find more reasonably priced socks. Hmmm... M&Ms? That IS a guilty pleasure. :-)


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