July 16, 2012

Swag Bags

Third day Comic Con swag bag.  There were many different ones, and the goal was to fill them with freebies.

Himself:  Playing with his pictures, work, gym, renting a car, and packing for two days in LA.

Herself:  Good leg not doing well.  Can’t read well with the new lenses, house a mess, need an essay for Thursday, nightmares all night, so I will just start at point A and work through the Alphabet till life is back in order.

The Weekend in our City:  There was Comic Con, up the hill was Stand Down…a two day gathering to try and get homeless vets off the street, and there was Over The Line on Fiesta Island out in the middle of Mission Bay.  It’s a milder version of softball where there are three on a team, team names are not printable in the mainstream press, and the ball in one hand is balanced by a beer in the other hand.  I’m sure there were more things going on, but these three caught my attention.

Reading:  Nothing at the moment.  Imagine.

Balance:  Not. 

Yes, we had a ball at Comic Con.  During the next few months, I will be posting one or two pictures from the Con that might amuse you.  Today, you can see the Swag Bag.  There were several issued this Con, and I struggled mightily to get one good picture of the top one to show you. 

Everyone got one.  In them came the book and the schedule…weighty things.  I didn’t bring my giant bag, but the second day we did go back for a schedule.  There were a couple of panels that I thought might be interesting to attend. 

I’m fascinated by the costuming.  Many of the costumes took years to build or months just to research.  The detail on many of them was astounding.  Though we did attend one panel on inking…where I the artist didn’t get enough meaty info to chew on, but the two on costume creating/building were fascinating.  We already had figured out on our own much of what they talked about, but it was still fascinating.

One thing I noted was that most Steampunkers wanted to be of the upper class.  G is settling into his role as a wrench with great panache, while I am considering creating a steampunk maid.

“How would you turn that costume into Steampunk?”  Asked one of the panel leaders. 

“Add a scifi themed pistol,” I replied.  “You have to defend yourself against the amorous footmen.”  We all laughed, but I think I can do something with this…balance a duster with a pistol?  We will see.

One last costume amused both G and I.  We stopped at a booth where G spotted one of those long sweeping cowboy style coats….this one in leather.  The sales person was wearing a short jacket made from swag bags.  I noted that it was faced and lined. 

“The company owner will make one to order, but you will have to provide three swag bags,” said the sales person.  We thought not, but it was sure fun to look at.




  1. Free goodies at Comic Con?? Who knew. What will you do with the orange bag now? Also, where are photos of the contents? (or am I blind?) Dianne

  2. Life is never dull with you two around.
    A prime example of a stout spirit and I don't mean that literally.
    Hats off to you.

  3. Oh, how fun! I love it! You guys rock!

  4. The idea of a steampunk maid is wonderful. You can dress in black with a white frilly apron and then load it up with metal studs and armor....Great idea.....perhaps fashion a wee small duster with a gun nestled inside the feathers? and the apron can be filled with weaponry.....me thinks you have an grand idea.

  5. I have never experienced Comic Con nor have I ever been to San Diego. Interesting stuff!

  6. Wow! You get free stuff too? NO wonder people want to go... aside from the incredible costumes.


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