July 21, 2012

Wile Wild!

Above: Zombies outside Comic Con.  Below: Animal prints at the Store Yesterday.

Himself:   Wrote a report, made the meeting, picked up prescriptions cost going from 6 bucks each to 10 each with blue cross.  Got movie and M&M’s for tonight after Feasters.

Herself:   Lots of donations for a change.  Friday’s I am a sorter, so this day I sorted after taking pictures for Facebook.  Upset over the shootings.

Reading:  Finished the delightful, light, “Palm for Mrs. Polifax” and moved on to the first of the Ali, JA Jance books.

Balance:  Sunshine kept me centered.

Work.  I love being able to give back.  I really enjoy my work, but I hate feeling sick from the dust and violently ill from the Febreze.  For every volunteer job there is an upside and a downside.  Yesterday was all up.

Our boss held a “Wild Animal Print” special sale.  Lots of fun to photograph.  Donations were up so I spent the day sorting.  At the end of my shift, I grabbed a long sleeved, small cat print shirt, a sleeveless, in an un-named, African print, blouse, and a mad, mad Levi style jacket in a zebra print. 

The more weight I gain, the more preposterous I will look in giant zebra stripes. 

I tell ya, it’s a struggle to overcome my Victorian upbringing on my thrift store budget.

Did I say that I was tired of looking boring while my insides were bursting with color and imagination.  I write about this wardrobe malfunction often.  Somehow, no matter my efforts, my clothing is still stuck in the seventies.  According to G, Steampunk started when Goth kids discovered brown.  I’m blooming now that my wardrobe is growing away from T-shirts and pants often into browns these days.

Yes, I certainly am laughing.


  1. I'll be interested to see how you do with a change in wardrobe. I tried that when I lost weight but have gradually drifted back to black pants with knit shirts, just like I've worn for years. They're my comfort zone I guess.

  2. I love animal prints. I was hooked on leopard for quite awhile just as accent pieces...purse, wallet, earrings. I think if you are "feeling" the color or the print that you must wear it.

  3. For some reason (not to be insulting...just my inside feeling) I have always felt animal prints made me look cheap or old-fashioned. so do not own a single one.

  4. More power to you. I usually wear black, occasionally gray or brown. And I have red jackets. I would love to wear animal prints or wild colors. I can't bring myself to do it.

  5. I am a mostly black clothing person, but recently bought an animal print top to wear with it. Love it. Just enough pop but keeps it from feeling like too much.

    I see you love Mrs. Polifax and JA Jance. Have you been watching the new "William and Mary" in the PBS timeslot where Doc Martin was previously? Fun show so far.

  6. I love it. I wouldn't mind wearing those prints as a muumuu.

  7. So funny. I just read an essay by Nora Ephron about how her Mom told her to never buy a red coat. She finally bought one when she hit 40. I find myself wearing more autumn colors these days. I figure I can wear browns and beige and orange now that my hair is grey. I still wear much blue, however. Dianne

    PS I lost another pound. I started this WW because you looked so thin and elegant in one of the photos of you on your last train trip. You said you owed it to WW.


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