August 22, 2012

A Quiet Tiime

On display the House quilt and the Blue quilt.

We are feeling better here.  The weather is cooler so my Aurthur-itus isn’t as fierce, we have less humidity at last, and the meatloaf seems to have passed out of our lives.  I’m heading out shortly first to the pool then to work. 

  • Himself:  Had an easy day at work.  The test project has been submitted, and everyone is now waiting on the insurance company to say yes or no.
  • Herself:  Swam, finished the essay.  Got a lot of small projects done among them the mending of the kitchen rug.  It’s dying, and all I am doing is prolonging the end with my mends.
  • Reading:  ”Fields of Honor,” Pivotal Battles of the Civil War. So far it’s fascinating.
  • Balance:  Lessa’s pleasure in her new fire classes and double degree.


  1. The meatloaf has passed out of our lives. BEST line ever!

  2. You are at a coasting time...good news.

  3. Ha ha. I got a photo. Check it out. I will be back to catch up on your posts, probably tommorrow. Today my back is killing me. Love to you. Dianne

  4. Glad to read that the heat is moving on....and loved the photo of the beautious quilts....

  5. I also loved the meat loaf line. Cleaver.

  6. Love the quilts. Should get some of my Mom's out of the cedar chest and display them -- more dust grabbers(?) -- but no one can enjoy them where they are and I didn't want to wear them out when the kids were young. Actually, I forgot I still had them.

  7. Wow! These are really gorgeous quilts. I'm glad you're getting cooler weather. We on the other hand are getting hotter and more humid. Yuck!


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