August 28, 2012

Adventures Where We Find Them

Dee aboard the Star of India.

I’m waking Dee at 0930 today, and we will have the morning together.  I must honestly admit that we don’t have a lot in common any more, but I am looking forward to hearing about her teaching adventures over the last four years. 

Later, grocery shopping.  I confess to bare refrigerator shelves.  That too is an adventure in fear when you open the ice box door.

  • Himself:  Forgot to set the alarm this morning.  Is skipping the gym.  Will work too hard on subrogations….he loves em.
  • Herself:  Remembered to back up the Sub Pen article.  Dee, groceries, dinner , movie night….and we have “Bernie.”
  • Reading:  The Smithsonian Magazine.  Newly redesigned.  They may be delighted, I wasn’t.  There I found idea driven articles when I wanted thing driven contents and jammed up contents too.
  • Balance:  Falling asleep over the computer again.  Geee….perhaps I needed the nap.


  1. I'm not renewing my subscription to the Smithsonian. I can find out what I want to know online.

    Thanks for the information.

    Your friend is nice and thin, lucky her. Dianne

  2. Glad that hubby is enjoying subrogation...I loved it much fun to pretend I was an attorney and lay out the facts as I saw them. And when you win....oh joy and bliss abound.!

  3. Newsweek is all over the place in trying to design and re-work. It has been for a few years now. They lost their source of funding so they may be a thing of the past if they do not figure out who they want to be and who they want to read them.

  4. I dropped Smithsonian too, disappointing. Many magazines seem to be undergoing scattershot makeovers. Sad.


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