August 5, 2012

Amusements in the Midst of Chaos

This gentleman has his dramatic steampunk costume and sells the wares to make other costumes just as dramatic.

Every time we go out the door to an estate sale, we bring something home.  As a result, we live in a home of happy clutter.  Here a gros point cat, there a Christmas kitty, and over here a spotted cow.  G brought that one home, and he knows it’s gross but he loves it.  It’s signed and numbered.  I need to find a new home for it tho American history is littered with Spotted Cow ditties, literature, and songs, it’s awful to my eyes.  He still loves it, so the spotted cow stays.  Somehow.

Then again, who am I to say anything as I am responsible for the painted frog, chicken, and elephant that sit near him. 

Yesterday was about cutting the collectibles down so we could see ourselves think.  Today is about being sociable in the midst of chaos. 

  • Himself:  Washed his new cowboy coat and got much of the oil out of it.  It’s a really good piece.  Breakfast with the Captain, worked as a docent, and off to see “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and it was even better.  They tried to charge us 20 bucks to park with a validated ticket, then 8 bucks, and only after objections did they waive the parking fee.
  • Herself:  Got much of the house simplified.  Today R stopping by, Tomorrow C, and the place looks less cluttered.
  • Reading:  Get to pick a new book.
  • Balance:  Being with G.
  • Olympics:


  1. The painted cow stays, it's wonderful.

  2. Grrrrr! Commenting via phone is being troublesome again! I wanted to say how much I love the cow!

  3. Surrounding yourself with things that you love. Good taste! Enjoy them.Also loved Marigold Hotel and book it came from "These Foolish Things".

  4. I am about to finish a book too. So exciting to think about what to read next. Too many books too little time I think. How can anyone be bored?? BTW come check out my new photo of the begonia. I really like this one. Dianne

    PS as for clutter, it never goes away I think.

  5. Doctor Livingstone I presume?


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