August 3, 2012

Barely There

A close up of some of our bears.

Himself:  Struggling with a new program.

Herself:   Now that I’ve backed up everything, the computer is just fine.  Noon: ate…way too heavily and read piece on costumes.  By late afternoon, I was still full.  Dinner was a taco.  Coding stopped working for sidebar in bloggers Postcards.

Reading:   Linda Castillo….really good.

Balance:   Trying to read while watching the Olympics.

We be bears at the Discover Shop.  A big sale today called “Secret Wonderland” and all the surfaces will be filled with Home Décor and thousands…no millions of tiny bears.  Very tiny…about one to two inches tall.

I’ll be there early today.  No water, no gym before work, but thousands of tiny bears and one camera most of the morning. 

I can bear it with a little effort.  Just lay on the bear jokes.  Go ahead.  I can take it.  Make my day.


  1. There used to be a woman who blogged all kinds of stuff with a bear theme. Then she entered the black hole of the internet. I hate when that happens. Be careful.

    Sorry about your math issues...I don't have an excuse for my math problems.

  2. I used to wear "barely there" stockings. Now my legs are nude and I wear white socks. See what aging does to some people??

  3. Wow! Really cute bears. I'm having a hard time keeping up with the blogging with our guest and OLYMPICS!


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