August 8, 2012

Dinner Out

Pilot boats on Shelter Island.

Warm, warm and humid, and not at all conducive to dancing in the sands.  Nice for picnics tho.  As I made all my morning calls, appointments for the yearly physical and  mammogram…that sort of thing, I kept thinking that the day was too warm to sit deep into overstuffed chairs watching the news either.

Picnics for the two of us mean a piece or two of KFC’s chicken with a little slaw and a biscuit.  Hi fat, high salt, and not at all good for us but delicious.  There’s no KFC near us anymore.  They closed the Point Loma store, the Bay Park store, and the Downtown store.  I note these were all located in the diet conscious sections of our city.   There’s a “Natural Chicken.”  Local, and we have never tried it.  “Pollo Loco” too…never tried but recommended.

So I made a potatoe salad seasoned with a dash of horseradish, heated up some Bushes baked beans…for the Great G, and we went off to try “Pollo Loco.”

We didn’t get our order. 

“Perhaps we confused her,” I said to G when our order for a leg, two thighs, a wing, and a breast arrived with only three pieces.  Dry too. 

Googling local KFC’s shows we have two within driving distance.  I think we will return to the high fat alternitive.

  • Himself:  He may have thought he was struggling on the new project with a two day turn around, but the previous folks had a 15 day turn around.  His boss is very pleased with him.  I’m ecstatic.
  • Herself:  Day off.  Wrote and rewrote a new sonnet about elephants in the living room.
  • Reading:  Skimmed a mystery that was repetitive and saccharine. 
  • Balance:  A picnic by the bay.
  • Olympics:


  1. KFC often got our order wrong, so these days hubby always opens up the boxes at the restaurant before heading home.

  2. Sometimes you just gotta live it up!

  3. I'd bet no Chik Fil A stores either. Love the paperbark tree limb. Nice for sitting if you are thin. Dianne

  4. KFC once a month...then be a good girl because we want you around longer!

  5. What a lovely day. I need a picnic badly!!!

  6. I'd use any excuse to be in that setting, with or w/o a picnic. Talk about humid...just got back from Florida where I grew up...and I'm confounded that I survived it all those years ago--without air conditioning! And wasn't San Diego touted as being the most evenly distributed temperature (70s)/humidity in the country? What happened!?


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