August 7, 2012


Is this a costumed Pink Kitty?  I think mine costume will be far easier to figure out.

If the humidity wasn’t 85% and rising, the rest of the day wouldn’t be too bad.  My broker seems to be in serious difficulty, and I am resorting to conversations with friends who use him to get fresh opinions.  My shoulder still hurts a bit so no upper body stuff today.  I’ll wave at the weight room as I go into the pool. 

The socialization of myself moves on apace.  Amazing what a glow friendship leaves. 
It’s almost time for school to start and daughter Lessa is going through the usual beginning of the year stuff.  Ants and recertification. 

The one good bit here with my costume is that I’ve ordered the blouse.  Victorian, high necked, and balloon sleeved, I’ll cut the neck down for an authentic white pique collar I have waiting on my dresser.  I’ve found the correct apron, skirt and mop cap, but the price is in pounds that translate into a fortune.   I’ll keep looking.

Just as I have been looking for a spot to put my grandmother’s small, Victorian dresser, perhaps I’ll also need to start looking for a new broker. 

  • Himself:  Muddling through with another new job he’s been given.  It’s very time consuming.
  • Herself:  I’m taking the day off.  Perhaps today is a good day to have a picnic by the bay.  Discomfort….perhaps downright fear about my broker’s news.
  • Reading:  Enticing flyers from a book remainder store.  Oh, I drool.
  • Balance:  Late afternoon quiet.
  • Olympics:


  1. What does your broker have to say? Mine has been uncharacteristally silent, which is just as well, since I would be unlikely to invest even if I had the money.

    What a revoltin' development this is!

  2. Hope you survive the heat. I slept under a ceiling fan with a Vornado going right next to the bed. YIKES!

  3. I'm getting costumes together for a fun photo shoot. Wish you were here- I'm useless with a needle.

  4. My broker just called to ask permission to move my bond account into a "more flexible" bond account because they (being the financial wizards)are predicting a win for Obama and that means a rise in interest rates. The lower rates in the market due to a Democratic win have already been worked in, according to him. I fear he might be churning my account but did not have a good enough reason to say no.


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