August 27, 2012

Full Body Exposure

Friend Dee and I at the Maritime Museum.  2012.

Bonnie Rose has suggested that we show ourselves.  Having gained 40 pounds this last year, I am loath to stand before you in all my poundage.  But here I am….with friend Dee…who has been teaching overseas for the last 4 years.  We had a delightful get-together yesterday.  Lunch at Point Loma Seafood, a few hours clambering around antique ships, and a delightful three dollar bay cruise.

We like things like this.  Touring the bay on the “Pilot.”  Conversations, hugs, four years of catching up.  I’ll do more of this tomorrow.  Perhaps without the walking.

  • Himself:  Was tired yesterday but held up his end.  Today gym, deep into new subrow files, laundry, simple dinner, and a meeting.
  • Herself:  Swim, rejoice over Lessa’s new volunteer opportunity, talk with Bee, and write.  Holding up my end today.
  • Reading:  Finished the Doctor in the Whitehouse, the “Whitehouse book,” skimming a novel, and heading back to the civil war.
  • Balance:  Friends today.


  1. You look so fashionable and cute...Loved the photo...Nice you could catch up with an old friend.

  2. I agree with Terri. You do have a fashion sense. I always look like an old lady... at least that is what I think.

  3. I've been plateaued for 6 weeks now. At least I know I could do maintenance, should I ever reach my goal. I had hoped to be svelte when I met you in October, but won't. We should make twins.

    Talked with my son yesterday about the trip. Regarding our gettogether at your place...he says...we can look it up on the map. I know you sent me a Mapquest link, but it didn't work. I got lost and found my old house instead. Perhaps if you feel brave you can send me the exact address back channel. I assume you can find my email address on my site as others have.

    Your friend Dianne

  4. What a lovely place to be with a cherished friend. I can smell the saltwater and docks.

  5. You went out on the pilot? How cool for you!

  6. You are blessed with height so you are half way there. I'm sure you can shed a few pounds if you really wanted to.
    What a great spot to be with an old friend.
    I would really love to have a map of America with little flags showing where my blogging pals are.
    My geography is abysmal.
    Give me a clue where you are please.


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