August 13, 2012

Learning New Things

How would you price these?  Yes, they are all sold.  Sorry.

Most of the coming week, I will be anywhere but here.  There’s a poetry reading.
Then Monday I price things, Wednesday I do the books, and Friday I sort….at the Cancer Society.  Gee, it’s like going to work again only this time with dreadful insecurities. 

I always feel vaguely uncomfortable pricing things…sometimes more than vaguely.  I can do books easily.  I can sort clothes….no mold, nothing broken, scratched, chipped, or scuffed, and check the pants crotches.  Yes, really.  But I am not really familiar with the newer things which come in to the store.  If I get confused, you can find me out wandering the floor comparing prices.   

I’ll stop into the pool first thing, and I will be at your blogs too.  Fast me.  Zipping through.  Waving.  Probably not noting but I’m reading.

  • Himself:  Will go in to the office several times this week.  The car is washed, the hair cut and the beard is trimmed.  He solved the problem of Lessa’s truck.  It was a frozen relay.  Fifteen buck part and she is on the road again  with headlights, interior lights, and windows.  Important stuff.
  • Herself:  Showering.  Both of us.  With Lessa’s help the dresser is upstairs.  The jewelry box is out in the hall.  We have emptier rooms.  Three outfits for Zoe with some really colorful socks from Target.
  • Reading:  A book about odd laws I found at the car wash.
  • Balance:  Finding a light weight pair of shorter pants on sale at Target. 
  • Olympics: tried to watch all of the closing ceremonies, but had to go to bed.  Darn it.


  1. Those canisters -- price depends on what they're made of. As a set, I would pay $15 for metal, but would go to $25 if they're pottery. Always supposing I had room for something like that.

    I'm assuming you're pricing for charity. Everything is negotiable if you're just trying to clear the shelves.

  2. I don't like pricing things either. I never trust my choices.

  3. I'm glad you are doing the pricing, not me. I find it almost impossible.

  4. I guess I often ask myself, what would I be willing to pay when I price things. Except for garage sales, I almost always price too high. The canister set was lovely and since it sold, the price must have been right. It was unusual in the coloring so I might have paid more than normal if it was what I liked.

  5. You could probably find some helpful books on china in the library (?) to help you price the ceramic and china goods (and earthenware which these are). I love those cannisters, obviously a West Coast firm made them.

    Love that West Coast china with its warm colors, especially the older stuff, now all mfg in China.

  6. Wish I knew someone who could repair cars and save money. You sound distracted and busy. Hope your house gets all in order again soon.

  7. I'd have a terrible time pricing things. Stuff makes me nervous. I have far too much of it. But I do like the canisters.

  8. I used to sniff the crotches too. Sometimes they can look immaculate and smell of wee.

  9. I'm having a hard time doing blog visiting right now because of my scanning project that I'm immersed in again. It takes so much time and concentration.

    I have always had a hard time pricing things for our garage sales on the mainland. Books are the easiest thing though (my own that is). If you add in signed or 1st edition or whatever, I'd be lost.


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