August 1, 2012

Small Things

Aaron and Grandpa Geezer.  I miss seeing his sister and mom.

Himself:  Worked hard.  Got up and down more.  He was properly wrecked by the end of the day.

Herself:   Reached out.  That’s so hard sometimes.  And too, only one note out of a crowd of visitors yesterday.  I’m underwowed.

Reading:   Not enthused.  I think I will reread an old one while watching the Olympics.

Balance:  Getting small things done.

Small things were my triumph yesterday. 

I got a hole patched in my gauzy dress.  The mountain of from-the-store underwear and socks were taken to the nearest Presbyterian Urban group.  Delivered into the terrifying hands of the dragon that man’s their front desk, actually. 

"It's the Underwear Lady," I call out.  We laugh together, and I tell her I don't' know what else to call myself.

The geezer packed and I took to the Post Office, one giant box of foods and goodies suggested by Bonnie for grandson Aaron.  By myself, I would never have thought of chap stick or sunscreen.  I’m such a neophyte at this, I also forgot the custom forms.  I brought home several fresh customs forms so they can be filled out here.  In the mean time, when faced with collapse, being an old hippie, I punted.

Punting isn’t exactly lying.  It’s saying I have ten cans of food when who knows how many are in the box.  I did remember the chap stick and the sunscreen.  I only remembered the Jolly Ranchers at the last moment. 

Loose, Jolly Ranchers make great packing material in boxes to Afghanistan.   They are wonderful small things, to my mind.


  1. Popped corn -- without salt or butter! -- makes great packing material for a "care" package. I was in college in Connecticut and received a package of homemade cookies and similar goodies, all the way from California, all cushioned by the popcorn, which tasted good too.

  2. I didn't know underwear could be donated to charity. Mine usually ends up in the trash or ragbag, depending. Dianne

  3. Things I never thought of. Jolly Ranchers. Wonderful!

  4. I understand that shampoo in tubes and other toiletries make a nice package. Maybe small games that can fit in a pocket to while away tme?

  5. When my daughter tried to mail canned food to her friend in Iraq, the box was opened up at the post office. The clerk took out the spam and vienna sausages, because Iraq forbids pork.


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