August 21, 2012

The Heat of August

Saturday, August 18:  Friday night’s meeting was held before a screen of towering thunder heads.  Outside on the water, for almost a full hour, there was also a young girl who repeatedly attempted to get up on her waterboard.  She’d signal, start to rise as the boat moved off, and down she would go.  Endlessly.  The topic was change, and outside our windows, nothing changed on the water.

Yes, I am going to fade away from that writers group.  There’s two other groups I know of….one with the members of the big Writing group.  I’ll try that one first.

Saturday in the morning G wanted to go to two estate sales for Steampunk accessories.  The first sale had two Blue Ridge/Southern Potteries plates, so I went along off into the heat of La Mesa to see if they were still there.  They were.  The second sale was here in Point Loma….more medals and goodies to be found with a wonderful black beaver hat for G.  After G got home docenting, we went off to the valley, ate Chinese, and saw the new “Hope Springs…”.  Delightful and honest stuff here.  We liked it a lot.  We OD’d on chocolate though.  Enough.

Sunday August 19:  It felt like the south here with the high humidity.  G and I were comparing notes, and we both think there were three other times when it was as hot and muggy in the last almost thirty years.  Today less humidity at last.  I honestly have been miserable wearing compression stockings in this humidity.  I’ve been leaving them off and worrying. 

Today we saw “ParaNorman,” “the second stop-motion flick from Laika, the creators of the 2009 Oscar-nominated "Coraline"” this time with our nephew on the creative staff.  CBS News reviewed the movie>HERE.

  From the review, “Peter Travers of Rolling Stone : "What starts as a harmless spin through Sixth Sense territory escalates into a full-out zombie war, led by a 300-year-old witch…” My advice? Just go with ParaNorman. There's magic in it."  Although two small kids were unhappy during the film, the rest of the kids in the theater cheered at the end.  We agree.

Shopping at Amvets afterwards.  Nothing to be had plus no bathroom use now at our favorite.  I’ll complain to corporate, but I doubt it will help.  Yesterday I picked up two sleeveless shirts on sale at Macy’s, that gives me four sleeveless shirts, and I thought I would see if Amvets had more.  Now shower, dinner, and the Sunday Speaker’s  meeting.   

Monday August 20:  Sunday was a day I didn’t have to shower twice.  Swam and showered only once today though the humidity was 70%.

You have probably seen the NoNo Cat video.  If not, it is worth seeing again.  Nope, no fur ball here, but he sure is angry and ready to fight someone.  Yes, I can’t get it to embed.  Ah, well.

We have empty shelves here.  No bread, milk, or butter much less anything else resembling breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  I’m singularly, (read selfishly) uninspired to go out in the heat to go shopping.  Never before did I long for air conditioning.

We did run out on G’s lunch hour.  Got his meds and one of mine.  I’d done the rest of mine earlier by phone.  His red cough drops, and I asked the pharmacist about something new I’ve run into.

Pads no longer stick to the new style underwear.  Fashionable underwear is no longer made from Tricot, which works fine, but has a high elastic content which doesn’t work at all combined with no cotton lining.  Yes, I now have about 6 different kinds in different styles, but the pads don’t stick to any of them.

Working hard on the new Nazi piece.  At least I found out who did the architectural design, and by the end of the day the rough draft was done.

The only bad part of our day is that we ate leftover meatloaf sandwiches.  My stomach is really grumpy, but he ate lots of the meat loaf and doesn’t feel well at all.  What a way to learn that a 4 day old meatloaf is too old.  He went to his men’s meeting, and I went to bed with Antiques Roadshow.


  1. NoNo Cat just cracks me up every time I see it! Apparently, he was angry when someone brought over a new baby. EEEK!

  2. I'm losing my intense interest in "Antiques Roadshow." I think I'm just jealous. I don't have anything that's even interesting enough to be rated worthless.

  3. I hope the inense heat and humidity is soon gone for's so hard to function when you are overwhelmed by the heat.
    Good luck with future searches for clothing needs....can you order those panties online?

  4. Well, I am sympathetic to your heat and humidity issues...but since we have had that problem for almost two months with a break finally this weekend...I am not totally sympathetic. So sorry for the bad food. Be careful! Food safety issues come true as we age. What we were able to get by eating in earlier years is not longer possible. Heat everything as completely as possible! I took a food safety class last month and left terrified.

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  6. I noticed you said your group's topic was "change." That's one thing we like about our group -- we don't get into writing prompts, or having an assigned topic to write about. We just bring whatever we choose, or nothing at all, plus periodically missing is par for the course. We confirm the day before, or even early the same day as meeting our attendance so everyone will know how many copies of what we've written to bring. I should add, poetry is sometimes presented. (...about the cliches I used ... original class teacher encouraged us not to!)

    Sorry about your food reactions. I just pitched a prepared salad with turkey and ham strips 'cause I was concerned it might not be safe though it looked and smelled okay. Think my tummy is more sensitive than when I was younger and it's no fun being ill any time, much less when alone.

    Yes, it's been really humid here in northeastern L.A. County. Discovered I needed to take greater care to drink enough water. I like room temp water, so that's not a problem.

    We finally put in A/C some years ago, also new furnace -- both energy efficient for the time -- well worth the extra cost. The total gas plus electric bill was equal to what the old gas bill alone had been, so utilities didn't go up -- plus we had A/C which some summers since, like this one, have made the investment in comfort worth its weight in gold -- especially as we aged and when my husband's health became a problem. Younger-than-me but aging friends toward the Coast near Dana Point finally put in A/C a few years ago. Heating/cooling high ceiling houses may not be as cost-effective, but they're pleased.

    Your anon commenter here is pathetic -- lacks courage to provide a name and link to the blog -- probably a troll.

  7. If the writer's group isn't working for you, I think life is too short to waste it on a group that just doesn't seem to be what you are looking for.

    The heat has been terrible here this summer. I could not survive without a/c, but then we live where it is a necessity.

    Sorry about the bad meat loaf. Sometimes, I really am not sure myself how long things should last in the fridge. My husband is super cautious and throws things about that I would probably take a chance on.

  8. I get that "Boycott American Women" comment to my blog all the time and just block it. What the hell is that?

    Seems you all have gotten some of our infamously humid weather. Yucky, isn't it?

  9. Only 70% humidity!? Mage, you would have died in Florida (where I was) as the temperatures AND humidity were in the 90s and accompanied by a daily thunderstorm/shower. We got drenched several times, and it felt wonderful! (afterwards)


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