August 15, 2012

Three Days

The volunteers in the front do all the arranging.  This grouping caught my eye.

Monday the 13th:  I’ve begun taking my Tylenol or Aleve, which the doc doesn’t want me to take, the night before I have a busy day.  Monday morning was talk with Bee at six before I managed to go to the pool then move around for three hours really well.  What didn’t work was my head.  I mislaid my visor…I always wear one to keep the sun out of my eyes in the pool, I locked the keys in the truck…but I have a door lock key with my driver’s license and Y card, and there was one more thing equally embarrassing that I inconveniently do remember….I ran the car battery dead. 

There was this beeping sound, and I could not find out what was causing it.  So I went in to work.  When I came out, the battery was dead, but the car was still beeping.  I called G.  Yes, I was ready to call AA…nope, he came to jump me.  I’d left the headlights on.  How was I to know.  I never turn on the headlights.  And too, I couldn’t open the hood.  Where was the hood release…way down at the bottom of my bifocal range.  He didn’t think I was funny.   At least now I know how to open the hood and turn off the lights. 

Work where I was a bit nervous pricing.  I look things up on eBay if stymied.  Yesterday was a glass chess and checker set.  Nice but missing something.  I priced it at 15 instead of the 25 I found online.  Books are one dollar for paperbacks and two bucks for hard bounds.  Usually.  After work, more reality; I came home and after posting store photos to Facebook, snoozed over my computer.  Dinner was Soup Plantation salads and a tiny bit of Apple Cobbler.  I was asleep by 0930.

Tuesday the 14th:  Pool first.  Started this news type blog so I don’t forget the whole week.  Began researching U Boat Pens.  Many others have written about these, but I’m interested in the architecture of them and the social aspects.   Little on that.  It was even hard to find out where they got the cement and aggregate.  Began writing after lunch.  Dinner was a rather solid meatloaf.   After dinner put some of the winter stuff into storage.  My what a wonderfully empty closet I now have.  My, what a giant pile I now have for the store.  Movie night: Watched the "Expendables"...and the movie is, "certainly expendable," says G.

Wednesday the 15th:  Pool first.  Change into something light and off to the Discovery shop where today I do books.  He’s headed to Carlsbad for a day of work with the guys on the new program.  He will eat on the way home.


  1. My car now screams at me if I leave the lights on. Good. I've run down my share of batteries too.

  2. That is a lovely tea set. They usually come with 5 cups though. :-)

    Sorry about the dead battery. Happened to us recently too. Aggravation. AAA was great though.

  3. Oh, I do sympathize with the car problems. But you and I are both lucky enough to have a man who can deal with these things. I absolutely love the pot and cups in the picture.

  4. I like the idea of a blog that tracks the week. I just bought a journal for next year. Maybe I should have done it online as I type better than I write. Dianne


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