August 4, 2012

Ticket Time

Rotating more peaceful art into the bedroom.  It’s a little bland, but I like it.

We hovered over our computers at exactly 0800 this morning at the Comic Con site.  Himself has us preregistered as past attendees, and today is the day to get tickets for next July’s Comic Con.  The waiting room icon goes round and round and slowly our numbers in line shrink until suddenly we have two sets of one day tickets for four days. 

This is getting pretty bad. 

Yes, I am old.  Yes, I remember just walking into Comic Con at both the El Cortez Hotel and the US Grant Hotel with friend Don DeLlamas.  I remember in 2002 and 2003, we could just walk into the Convention Center and buy tickets.  In 2007, himself bought tickets online for the first time.  Simple stuff.  Not now.

As he continues to develop his Steampunk workman’s costume, I have to begin mine.

Until then, we are having an unusual weekend at home…after coffee with Captain Poolie.  He’s painting the moldings for the bedroom ceiling, and I continue my home simplification program.

  • Himself:  Ticket time. Two days ago, the Great Geezer got us preapproved for Comic Con tickets.  Today is the day he signed up for Comic Con tickets at 8 am and got four individual days.  He’s very happy.  Museum this afternoon.
  • Herself:  G got me four days of single day tickets too.  Need to reformat my blog for blogger….and see if it takes it.  Survived the bears by being at the other end of a closeup lens.
  • Reading: …a not well done medical bio thingy.
  • Balance:  Finishing the Castillo.  All these books are well done tho a little humor wouldn’t hurt.
  • Olympics:


  1. Reformat your blog? Hmmm... this will be interesting. I'm nervous about changing too much stuff now.

    Congratulations on getting the Comic Con tickets! We'll look forward to your photos next year.

  2. Breakfast was so much fun! Glad you liked the new place!

  3. So what's the title of your "medical thingy? Give. Dianne


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